Acekool 4K Action Camera Features and Review

Acekool 4K action camera is a budget action camera available at Amazon. While there are many action cameras crowded the market space, in what way the Acekool action camera satisfies the buyers? The first point is the price. Acekool action camera is available for just $40. What it gives back for this 40 bucks is the final satisfaction point. Before we get into that, we want to notify you about the availability of the product.

Acekool action camera is currently marketed directly by the Acekool in the Amazon US and UK stores. Acekool action camera is fulfilled by Amazon at both the US and UK stores. While we are writing this review, the product is available for shipping at the stores.

Acekool 4K Action Camera Features

Acekool 4K Action Camera Review: Design and Build

Acekool action camera is a small sized camera. It is 2.33-inch long, 1.51-inch wide and 1.17-inch high in size. A waterproof case given along with the camera is what make this camera, a waterproof. If you are going to dive into the pool with Acekool action camera, then be sure to use that plastic case comes with the package.

It also has more accessories which can be attached to the camera like helmet mount, handlebar mount, etc. After fixing the accessories, Acekool action camera looks completely different. It has USB 2.0 port, mciroSD card slot, charging port and a power button. On the backside, there is a 2-inch LCD screen.

Acekool action camera is built with a plastic body. It should be handled carefully to avoid any damage while using without any protective case. It is light weighted and compact. We can use it single handed without any trouble.


This camera comes with a 16MP lens with 170 degrees HD wide-angle lens. It has built-in WiFi feature to connect with storage devices to transfer files. Acekool action camera is capable of recording videos, but it saves the video in series. Whenever we start recording the video, the stored video gets erased. So before we take the next video, the recorded video should be moved to the storage. The WiFi mode is helpful in doing this transfer. The remote WiFi feature works with a free app, which can be downloaded from the QR code given on the side of the package.

Acekool Wireless Connectivity

There are two 900mAh portable battery available. It gives long usage time. The water resistance feature works only with the case. While having the case, the waterproof works up to 30-meter depth. The expandable storage can be maximum up to 64GB.

Camera Image and Video Quality

The 4K resolution only produces images at 10 frames per second. So, practically it is a 1080p resolution camera. The 1080p resolution captures images at 30 frames per second. The end result of the camera is good for the 1080p images and videos. The 4K images and videos are not meeting the standard quality. We just look at the price, for which the 1080p is good enough.


Acekool action camera suits the mounting and underwater shots. Based on the Amazon reviews, we understood that people planning for a holiday are showing interests towards this camera. At the cheap price category, the Acekool action camera is one of the good choices. Acekool action camera is a 1080p camera with protective case, dual battery, a lot of accessories to help the mountain climbers, divers and other action scenarios, and budget priced.

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Acekool 4K Action Camera

Acekool action camera suits the mounting and underwater shots. Based on the Amazon reviews, we understood that people planning for a holiday are showing interests towards this camera.

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