How to Add Programs and Folders to My Computer in Windows

How to Add Programs and Folders to My Computer in Windows: My Computer is a central place to access all your drives, devices, and content on the system. It is a primary and most visited place on your system, you can customize this by adding your favorite programs and folders. It is a simple trick which works in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Run command

Steps to Follow

  1. Open the run command by pressing Win+R.
  2. Type %appdata% and press enter.
  3. It opens hidden folder “Roaming.”
  4. Navigate to the subfolder inside it- \Microsoft\Windows\Network Shortcuts.
  5. Now here you can paste any shortcut or folder or app or drive.
  6. Now open My computer you can see your all shortcut of folders or apps or drives.


How to Add Programs and Folders to My Computer in Windows

My computer is an iconic place for many Windows users. This is the place that many of us go to access our drives, devices, and content as well. This section of your PC has to be one of the most visited places. This is not only the case for you, but for everyone else as well. Organization is important to some more than others.

This is why some users try their best to keep their desktops as clutter free as possible whilst others don’t really mind. What’s the point of saying that? Well, it’s just that, there’s an easy way to keep your desktop clutter free. This is made possible via the use of a tweak that’ll allow you to add programs and folder shortcuts to My Computer.

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There are some benefits that you get from doing this such as quick access and ease of access as well. Everything you need or usually use in one place with no problems at all. No need to navigate too far to access the shortcuts you need. On top of that, you also get to keep your desktop organized.

Step by Step Procedure to Add Programs and Folder Shortcuts to My Computer

Here’s how you can place programs and folders to my computers in windows:

  1. Open the run command in windows: You can do this by using the shortcut Win+R. This will open the run command window on whatever version of Windows that you’re using.
  2. Type %appddata% and press enter: This will open the hidden folder “Roaming”. It’s through this folder that we will pace the shortcuts. There’s also another simple way to access this folder. Simply open the start search box on Windows 7, type %appdata%, and the folder will show up.
  3. Navigate to the subfolder “Network Shortcuts”: Once the roaming file is open, you’ll find many subfolders. You can get to the desired subfolder by first going to “Microsoft”, then “Windows” and finally you’ll find Network Shortcuts. In short, “Microsoft\Windows\Network Shortcuts”.
  4. Paste any Shortcut or Folder: From this point on, you can paste any program shortcut or folder shortcut into this file. Paste the ones you’d want to see on My computer. On a side note, you can also paste control panel shortcuts into this file for easy access.
  5. Open My Computer: The final step is to see the final results of your work. Open “My computer” and witness all the program and folder shortcuts all now added. You can access all the programs and folders you need easily.
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This is one of the many tweaks that you can do on your computer. It’s very useful for those that would like to declutter their desktop and keep it organized. We have found this tweak pretty helpful, did you? Do you use a 3rd party app to make this tweak work? We’d like to hear from you and let’s know of any other tweak that you have in mind.

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