Metrotube Is A Perfect Youtube Player For Windows 8

Metrotube is an app created for Windows 8 systems. The app is developed by creators of the popular MetroTweet. Metrotube is packed with full features to run easily on Microsoft Surface and other Windows RT tablets. You can easily switch the resolutions between HQ, HD, and Full HD.


Metrotube UI

Metrotube Player

You can download and install the app from the Windows Store.The interface is easily understandable to everyone. You can search videos by categories. The app UI is similar to Metro UI. You can login with your youtube credentials to access your personal videos. The app also offers to search box to select videos based on your criteria. Metrotube can play the video in full-screen mode. Metrotube is a free app available in Windows Store.

Download Metrotube.


Metrotube Is a Perfect YouTube Player for Windows 8

Let’s begin by commenting on the windows mobile experience (since many of us already know how the Windows PC experience is like). It’s great, but not awesome. Why do you ask? The answer is simple, a lack of apps. Don’t get me wrong; there are many apps on this platform. The only issue is that it lacks most of the major apps that can make the OS successful. One of the apps missing is a YouTube app.

Microsoft did try making a version of their own with all the features that their users like, but this was later taken down. The takedown request was issued by Google, thus forcing Microsoft to remove the app form the store. Despite this setback, there are still some alternative apps available for you to enjoy.

A Glimpse of Metrotube

For now, we shall focus on the YouTube alternative app, Metrotube. This app has been developed by the same guys famous for making the oh so popular Metro Tweet. It’s a YouTube alternative (one of the longest serving apps in fact) that offers a great alternative to window users. If you’re looking to enjoy your videos and watch some of the viral videos on the platform, then simply use Metrotube.

The app is well designed and will work on most of the platforms offered by Windows. Be it the Microsoft Surface or Windows mobile, this app will work fine. This awesome YouTube player for Windows 8 also gives you the opportunity to switch through different resolutions that are HQ, HD and Full HD you name it.

You can simply enjoy normal YouTube videos or you could login to get videos that are tailored to your viewing habits and also get your favorite videos. The interface is easy to use and understand. It has a search box that you can use to search for videos. On top of that, you can get to enjoy its support for transparent live tiles and video commenting as well.


All in all, it’s definitely a perfect YouTube player for Windows 8. For a miniscule amount, you can purchase the app, so as to help support the developers.

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