Make Your Web Reading More Comfortable With G.Lux Chrome Extension

If you are a computer professional or a student with a lot of work in front of a computer for hours this extension is for you. G.Lux resemblances f.lux, it is a very useful extension in night time reading. It offers various colors to choose, it balances the light of monitor and changes the color temperature of the page you’re viewing.

After installation, it sits in your extension bar at the top right corner of the Chrome. Just click on the icon and choose your color to set. Now open your desired web page, the web page appears with the selected color. If you already opened a web page before installing G. Lux just refresh the page to take the changes effect.

G.lux is a free and unofficial variation of F.lux, a desktop app that automatically changes the color temperature of your monitor as the sun goes down. Monitors are typically daylight balanced, which can interfere with your sleep cycle when using them after sunset. G.lux is an alternative for those who are unable to install F.lux due to their operating system or administrator access settings, such as schools and workplaces.

Features of G.Lux Chrome Extension

  • Change the color temperature of your browser/websites.
  • Make your websites darker without using the monitor or operating system display settings.
  • Choose a custom color for your webpages. You can even make your screen pink or green!
  • Variable filter intensity: One-extension for all screens and brightnesses!
  • Color and intensity settings are saved across multiple Chrome browsers or ChromeOS devices.

Add G.Lux Extension to Google Chrome here

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