Securely Delete Files In Mac With FileShredder

Regular cleaning is necessary for every Mac, cleaning off hard disk by deleting unnecessary files is a good option. In a hurry, if you delete important file instead of unwanted one what would you do?. Fileshredder is a hassle free app for file deletion in Mac, it offers different ways to securely delete files.

Fileshredder UI

How Fileshredder works:

Fileshredder actually sends only pointer file to trash, actual file reside on your system. File Shredder uses an algorithm to overwrite the file with data and erase it past the point of recovery. It is a very useful app to securely delete files in Mac.

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There’s only one way of keeping your files away from the prying eyes of people, and it’s by deleting it. But lately, technological advancements have led to the development of powerful software that can recover deleted files.

Ironically, these technological advancements have also led to the creation of software that can delete traces of deleted files. Need I say that regular cleaning is necessary for every Mac, and cleaning off hard disk by deleting unnecessary files is a good option?

Welcome, the powerful “FileShredder” software.

File Shredder gives you the freedom to choose different levels of shredding as per your needs.

  1. Go to File Shredder to download and install the software on your Mac.
  2. Launch the software, and then drag and drop the file you’d like to shred into the app interface. Better still, you can simply right-click on the file you’d like to shred and select “File Shredder” > then select “Secure delete files.”

If you aren’t so keen on using the software to securely delete your data from your Mac computer, you can at least use the inbuilt function on your Mac computer.

The secure empty trash feature even though it has been done away with on OS X El Capitan, is still a handy tool for securely deleting your files on Mac.

  1. Move the file to the Trash
  2. Navigate to the Finder menu and select “Secure Empty Trash” and click the “Secure Empty Trash” button on the dialogue box that appears for confirmation.

To ensure that your document is deleted securely without first being moved to the trash, you can set your preferences to delete automatically.

  1. Navigate to the “Finder” menu > then choose Preferences.
  2. Navigate to the “Advanced Tab” and tick the option that reads “Empty Trash Securely.”

To deactivate it, simply follow the same procedure again and uncheck the “Empty Trash Securely” box.

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