How To Convert MBOX To Outlook For Viable Consequences

Microsoft Outlook is an emailing client store its important data like emails, contacts, appointments, tasks, journals, to-do list, etc. in PST file format. There are various email clients are there like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Opera Mail, etc. which stress their email data in MBOX files. Outlook is not capable of importing .mbox files in PST files because there is n such facility provided by MS Outlook thus user asks how to convert MBOX to Outlook. As Outlook is used all over the world, so the users using other email clients wanted to convert their MBOX files to Outlook PST.


MBOX Files-A detailed account:

  • MBOX file stores its messages in a text file. MBOX stands for Mailbox which is mail format created for storing a single text file. There are few email clients those who use MBOX file. This file is easily viewable in text editors like MS Word, Notepad, Open Office Writer, etc.
  • MBOX file comprises of messages of a single mailbox. It is considered a slow format. Only deleted messages from a beginning of large MBOX file is very slow as all the emails are stored in a single file.
  • MBOX file is accessed on the Operating System like Linux, Mac and much more but not on Windows. To access Mbox messages in Windows Outlook, you need to take professional help.
  • Regarding difficulties to access MBOX files in Windows platform, a user has the option to access all the mail messages in Outlook quickly. This method is not very easy because you should know the right way for migrating data.

In the event of converting MBOX files of Eudora to Outlook PST, you must know the following important points:

MBOX file structure

MBOX file gets begin with ‘From’ field by using semicolon, Sender’s email comprises of the string ‘???@???

Eudora also comprises of .toc file which is a binary file with following info:

  • Message is downloaded by showing ‘O’ in Status header
  • It shows that specific message is unread or read
  • Priority level of the message
  • Message downloaded or not downloaded or in the process
  • Message is set on the priority basis numbered between 1 to 5 only

Status of the message is based on or Forwarded, Answered and Re-directed. For email attachments, Eudora utilizes user-configurable directory to save attachments. It first extracts them and then convert and put a line attachment converted.

How to Convert MBOX to Outlook?

The importation process requires some steps to follow such as:

  1. First open Eudora for MS Windows.
  2. Rename the MBOX file with .mbx extension for instance: rename ‘InboxMBOX’ as ‘InboxMBOX.mbx’.
  3. Then, follow the simple step: Application Data > Tools menu > Folder Options > View and select ‘Show hidden files and folders.’
  4. Move the renamed file to directory location ‘C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora’
  5. Open Eudora and double click the MBOX file.

These steps help in converting Eudora MBOX files. It you wanted to convert MBOX files to MSG then by manual drag and drop method, you can make a conversion.

How to Convert MBOX to Outlook

By making use of this process, a single MBOX file gets converted into Outlook, which causes you waste of time. Thus, it is better to take professional help. You can use SysTools MBOX to Outlook Converter software for converting MBOX files in PST.

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