Push Links, Files, Lists And Notes From Desktop To Android With Pushbullet

Data exchange between a smartphone and a PC or Mac is a crucial task without a good app. If you want exchange the information on your PC and Android vice versa simply install Pushbullet. Pushbullet will push the content you want to view in your Android smartphone. It can literally send almost anything from your phone to your PC and vice versa.

What is Pushbullet

Pushbullet shows you all of your phone’s notifications right on your computer. You can send links, pictures, files, lists, notes, and more right into your phone’s notification tray, to your computer, or to a friend’s Android.

Pushbullet shows you all of your phone’s notifications right on your computer so you never miss a notification again! Pushbullet also lets you send push notifications to yourself and to your friends.

PushBullet Notifications

How Pushbullet works

Pushbullet is a Android app and Chrome extension, Firefox addon. Install the Pushbullet on your Android device and signup using your Google credentials. Next install the extension of addon depending on your browser and sign in with same credentials used in Android.

PushBullet in Chrome

To send a file, map link, list of grocery items and notes open your browser and click on Pushbullet icon. Here you can send above discussed notifications from your browser to your Android device. After sending from your notification bar on your Android device, you will see the received item. Instantly you receive the file on your Android, make sure that bot PC and Android are connected to a active internet connection. Unlike the Airdroid which uses the IP address of your computer and Android it uses its own server to transfer the data.

I really like the features of Pushbullet, sending links and notes is a pretty handy features. Overall Pushbullet is a good app for data exchange between PC or Mac and Android.

Pushbullet For Android

Pushbullet For Google Chrome

Pushbullet For Firefox

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