What Is Bootloader On Android Device And Advantages & Disadvantages Of Unlocking Bootloader

For latest technology followers Android OS don’t need an introduction. Recent reports state that Android Operating System crossed the 79% of the smartphone market share. Android users are aware of word rooting and custom ROM flashing, but some Android devices need to unlock Bootloader in order to proceed to next step. So what is bootloader and advantages & disadvantages of unlocking bootloader on Android is today’s special topic on thetechhacker.

What is Bootloader?

Basically, Bootloader is a code that exists in every operating system in order to run or start. It is a set of instructions package to launch the operating system after the device powered on. Every gadget powered by an operating system contains a bootloader. Android is an open source operating system developed by Google, the bootloader for Android device is change by a manufacturer to manufacturer.

The main reason is the manufacturing companies makes devices by different types of hardware’s. For example you can see the Nexus series, the device hardware is upgraded whenever the new version of the phone is launched. For Apple devices, the difference between the iOS versions makes bootloaders is negotiable.

Why Bootloaders are Locked?

The bootloaders are usually come as locked. The companies want to blend device with OS. Every Android device contains specifically designed bootloader to match its hardware. If you want to flash a custom ROM like CyanogenMod on your device it is impossible to install when your device bootloader is locked. Unlocking a bootloader will open the opportunities to install ROM’s on Android.

Note: Unlocking bootloader on Android device voids warranty.

Who needs unlocked Bootloaders

People who want to get rid of third party OS add-ons like HTC’s Sence and Samsung’s TouchWiz normally prefer to install pure form of OS. Fortunately, there are a number of developers are developing most user-friendly OS’s like Cyanogenmod etc.

Cyanogenmod Instalation

Uses of Bootloader unlock on Android

The main advantage of unlocking bootloader on Android is rooting. If you want your Android is rooted or if you want a custom ROM install the unlocking bootloader is an initial step. However it has advantages, you must be ready to prepare for disadvantages too. Bootloader unlock can cause the loss of warranty.

However, it is always advisable to use the device at factory settings. Unlocking bootloader is an end customers choice.

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    Manoj Feb 6, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    Is there any problem will occur when we unlock bootloader….?

    • Reply
      Muhammed Swalih Feb 7, 2017 at 5:47 am

      Bootloader unlock can cause the loss of warranty. You may also lose any direct updates from the company in future.

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