T-Peos Tank Earphones-Review

Earphones is the best option for the music portability. In recent years, this increasing craze develops the some of the best earphones for our easy usage.

Tank, a new branch off the T-Peos family tree. We got a chance to check out T-Peos product line continuously on thetechhacker. The company is barely an infant in the world of audio, however it manages to drive in a positive direction. The T-Peos Tank is a In-Ear earphone with mic, and we were impressed with the quality.

T-Peos Tank Box T-Peos Tank Box Back Side

T-Peos Tank-Out of the box

The package of the T-Peos Tank is not much impressive, it comes in a small card board container with one soft pouch, two silicone tips and one pair of foam tips. The buds themselves felt extremely soft as we pulled them from their resting place, coated in dense silicon.

T-Peos Tank Earphones Pouch T-Peos Tank Box Contents

T-Peos Tank-Design and Comfort

Like the rest of the earphones range it is built with half flat cable and strong build quality. Although they’re designed to fit standalone earphones with good build quality. Like other T-Peos series of earphones grip is very good. When I used the clothing clip, the buds stayed in place during most outdoor activities. In terms of comfort, we’d have to give the T-Peos Tank 8 out of 10.

When you wore them next second you will feel, it is meant for comfort.

T-Peos Tank Earphones Closer Look

These earphones sport some with some pretty typical specs: Frequency response is rated at 20Hz to 15kHz, impedance is 32 Ohms, sensitivity is 102dBat 1kHz. The cord for these earphones measures in 1.2 meter. Weight comes in just at 7g. And lastly connector comes in 3.5mm / 4pole / 24k gold plated L-type plug.

T-Peos Tank-Sound Quality

The test bench for this review involved an iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 2, Blackberry 8520, DAC and beautiful music collection of MP3 and FLAC. These earphones are sounds good at treble and mid-range, the bass response is also good.

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T-Peos Tank EarBud Size T-Peos Tank Mic

When you buy a T-Peos Tank, you’re not just paying for a pair of earphones, it also includes a decent mic for your smartphone. The quality of the mic is good, the 1-button remote is easy to access when you on the go.

T-Peos Tank Gold Plated Jack

The first song during which the Tank really caught our attention was Linkin Park Transformers Iridescent song. The layers of the song quality is enjoyable and firm. As I listened, the playlist is literally endless and were a joy to listen to and to wear.

T-Peos Tank

We logged almost 10 hours of serious listening time with T-Peos Tank. The sound quality is good and enjoyable. As a phone headset, the mic on the Tank performs admirably, the voice clarity is good at both caller and receiving end.

Available in Black and Blue colors.


The T-Peos got points for strong design, durability and sound. For those who look for style and comfort In-Ear Mic Earphone T-Peos Tank is for you.


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