Customize Your Windows 8.1 Start Screen With Start Screen Unlimited

When it comes to customization Windows offers full customization options using third party programs. The new Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 start screen displays all apps in one place, but it is more user friendly in tablets rather than desktop mode. Start Screen Unlimited is a program that adds widgets to your Windows metro screen. The app comes in Lite and Deluxe versions, lite is free and Deluxe can be purchased online.

Start Screen Unlimited Widgets

After downloading and installing the program it adds handy widgets to Start screen. The widgets includes clock, system shortcuts, power menu, search box, WiFi signal strength, C drive capacity and recycle bin status. You can easily drag the widgets anywhere on start menu screen easily.

Start Screen Unlimited Settings

Overall Start Screen Unlimited is a handy program to quickly access system shortcuts and power related options easily.

Download Start Screen Unlimited.

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