Add Tabs To Windows File Explorer With BrightExplorer

The file explorer is the main feature of any operating system. It lets you browse files located on the computer. Surprisingly Microsoft has not updated the user interface and features of File Explorer of Windows in ages. Some advanced users rely on third party file explorers, they work independently and offers more advanced options than the default file explorer. Tabbed browsing is easy to use and allows us to do multitasking in a single window. It is just like a browser window where we use multiple tabs to open different websites.

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What is BrightExplorer?

After using tabbed browsing in browsers, I feel Windows Explorer is far behind the usability. BrightExplorer is a software which brings tabbed style browsing to your Windows. After downloading the program, installation is straightforward as a regular installer. The program works with file explorer, whenever you open file explorer, you’ll see tabs located on the top of the program window.

BrightExplorer In Toolbar

If you open multiple windows they all will merge into a single window, you can navigate the windows using the tabs. In the toolbar, you will see Birghtexplorer icon instead of default windows explorer icon. BrightExplorer also lets you detach a tab from the main window by clicking and dragging it out from the tab bar. You can add frequent windows locations to the bookmark bar, simply drag and drop the favorite tab over the favorites panel to bookmark those file locations.

BrightExplorer Favourites Panel

You can search the bookmarked items in the favorites panel using a search bar. You can buy different add-ons for BrightExplorer to improve the program usability. The add-ons are available on the developer’s website. I personally used the program and satisfied with the usability and it improved my productivity time.

Overall, BrightExplorer is an excellent program to add tabbed style to Windows Explorer.

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