Rocket: Battery Saver, Booster-Android App Review

Google’s Android is one of the most popular operating system in the world. Which is no doubt the Android is a fully features packed OS for portable devices. However, the features and hardware consumes lot of power from the battery. The technology improved in the hardware and operating system development, but the battery life of portable devices is still an important factor.

The good news is there is an app available for Android to save the battery life. Rocket: Battery Saver, Booster is an option packed Android app to improve the life of your device.

Rocket Battery Saver, Booster Max Savings Profile

What is Rocket: Battery Saver, Booster?

The main purpose of the app is to save your device battery by stopping the power consumption for needless services. Using the app is quite simple, just click on the icon select your preferred profile and click on the profile to activate it.

The app user interface is very decent and easy to understand. On the top of the program UI it shows the current battery level and remaining stand by time. Below the program carries two default profiles. Max Savings and Normal are the two default profiles. You can edit the existing profiles or you can create a new profile of your custom settings by tapping on the create new profile button at the bottom of the program.

Whitlisted Apps

Each profile is managed by the app is capable of controlling certain aspects of your device while it’s in stand by mode. By default the app comes with Max Savings profile of least settings enabled. The app’s each profile offers control over several phone option like Bluetooth, Brightness, Screen timeout, WiFi, close apps and data connection settings. You can also add select apps to a whitelist to prevent them from being killed.

Creating new profile

User can add as many profiles as required, and user can add schedules depending on the battery level, time and screen off. The app will keep you informed about the current battery level as well as the selected profile through its notification panel widget.


Rocket: Battery Saver, Booster is available in Google Play Store as both free and $0.99 variant. I’ve tried out a number of battery saving apps over months, now I found Rocket as a promising app. If you’re looking for an easy battery saving app, Rocket: Battery Saver, Booster is definitely worth giving a shot.

Download Rocket: Battery Saver, Booster Free.

Download Rocket: Battery Saver, Booster Paid.

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