StampKey-Android and iOS App Review

Now a day’s money is easily carried out in the form of plastic cards, NFC payments, Google Wallets and much more. Now the loyalty cards are replaced by apps, having a virtual manager for your passes, gift cards, and coupons, loyalty cards is quite useful. Managing loyalty cards virtually is a life saver, it makes your wallet more clutter free and easy to carry. Let’s take a closer look at just what StampKey has to offer.

StampKey App

What is StampKey?

StampKey is a virtual manager for your Android and iOS to manage your loyalty cards. It lets you collect your loyalty cards all in one place. It is a one stop solution to carry all your loyalty cards using your smartphone.

How does it work?

To get started download the app on your smartphone. StampKey works on Android and iOS platforms. The app offers its services in three packages, private, Business trial and Business starter. If you are a private user for individual purpose the app is completely free. For the Business package you need to create an account in StampKey. You can create a account  only on StampKey website.

Adding Loyalty Card

App Usability

No account is needed to open the app while business users may login with their StampKey account. The StampKey carries a very intuitive user interface. The user can scan barcodes, cards right in the app. To add a card click on the “+” icon and enter the Business type, Card name, code and click on save. Or the user can store any type of card by taking a picture with QR codes and Barcodes. The app also allows users to export and import card images from the phone gallery.

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StampKey Adding Details

Having the in built scanner and integrated camera roll access, however, makes this much more of an organizer than you might at first think.The saved cards are easily accessible and images can be viewed by zooming the picture.

Loyalty Card Organizer

Some functionalities can only be used as a business user such as the sync function. Simply setup your business profile via StampKey website, define the stampcards, the required stamps to get a loyalty reward and push sync. Now you can access all the business screens in the app and issue loyalty stamps from the convenience of your smartphone.

The business can issue loyalty stamps without internet connection for 12 hours; later the data must be synchronized with the StampKey server.  You can sync loyalty stamp balances of your customers saved in the app across all the other smartphones or tablets using your business account, so your employees know easily the current stamp balances of the customers.

Any user who collects loyalty stamps using the StampKey business system can easily access their stamp balances online at any time within the app. Finally, a user can find StampKey locations from favorite locations using the maps feature.


The StampKey is one of the most comprehensive solutions to manage your loyalty cards virtually. For those that need to find a new way to organize loyalty cards, the “StampKey” is one to try out in earnest.


Download StampKey for iOS.

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