Why You Should Not Use Password Managers

We have already shared you the post that why we should not use default remember password of your browser and here we are with another thing that why we should not use password managers for your passwords.

Default remembering password option in a browser stored your password with no security and password managers use great encryption techniques that needs years to decrypt them but still they are not safe and we, thetechhacker team going to share about this.

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Some of the password managers stores your passwords in cloud and some of them stores them in your system. If those are stored in your system then the risk is somewhat less but if your password is stored in the server or cloud, all your passwords will be in the hands of hacker.

Password Managment

If you have cloud based password manager then the decryption key is stored in the server or cloud and encryption takes place either from local computer or after going to cloud doesn’t matter. Only that makes sense is passwords decryption key is stored in the server and if hacker gets that he or she has ability to decrypt all your passwords within seconds.

If you have local decryption i.e if you have a decryption key that is stored in your computer then hacker first needs to compromise your system and ip address of your system gets changed always when you connect it to different networks.

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Above all your system needs to be up always and that is not practical no one keeps on running their systems all day long. Even if hacker compromised your system and got all the details then another thing to consider is decryption key. If he didn’t get decryption key then brute force attack takes years to decrypt all the passwords. Hacker even tried to manage decryption key then time has come to change all your passwords.

If you remember your passwords and used mnemonics to remember passwords no one can hack into your brain and steal the passwords.

Risk is always a risk doesn’t matter the height.

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