Free HD Video Converter Factory Review: A Best Video Converter Freeware

Today the topic is about the best free Video Converter tool for Windows. Free HD Video Converter Factory is a free video converter software designed to give you a hand to deal with multiple video formats, such as 4K, AVI, MPEG, MP4, MWV, MKV, MOV, DV, etc. with superior embedded media formats transformation solution.

You may keep numerous videos, but your new device may not support them, or you got tons of videos in hand while they are in different formats, you want to convert them into a same smaller size format, then you are good luck enough to have it for free, this software we introduced merely meet your needs.

WonderFox Converter

The interface of Free HD Video Converter Factory is awesome, totally friendly and easy to work on.

Main Features:

  1. Free HD Video Converter Factory enables users to convert videos easily among 150+ most trendy video formats, like MKV, MP4, AVI, HD etc.
  2. Even H265 or VP9 tech is a piece of cake for our smart tool.
  3. Downloading videos from network is one of its eye-catching features.
  4. Hands on user experience, totally easy for newbies.
  5. No speed lost in free edition. 6 times converting speed faster than other converters.
  6. Permanent free. Users can to keep it as long as they want with no charge at all.

The review part:

Three Selections are enough for your choice:

Add Files, to choose which video you want to modify. This selection allows you to add video files. Download Video, enables you to download a video from a website. Choose this button, Fill the Add URL blank with your video website, click Analyze and wait about several seconds, the Download button will turn to active, you can change download destination by choosing the file image . Click Download then the rest will be done in a few seconds or minutes due to the online video size.


Clear, to clean the tasks on the list, this choice will wipe the work list.

The right side is the place to choose the output formats, 150+ video format video files are its advanced features, H265, VP9 and even html 5 video formats are included. The category classifies the video formats to the main devices, audio, web, video etc. So you don’t have to spend much time in finding the the output format. Easy visual using experience is its golden treasure.

Adding Files

Merge button is used to merge two or more video into one: click Merge to create a merge task in the merged part, drag the above videos to the merge task you created, then clicked ok you can have the merging job done.

The speed is what I like to recommend it. It provides up to 30 times faster than normal converter tools in the market. It can convert a 150 mins, 1280*720, 2GB video to most trendy formats video as fast as in 10 mins to 30mins. While other same kind software needs 1h to finish it. Above is the example I pictured for you, just for your information.

What’s more, this Free HD Video Converter Factory is a freeware, which means you can enjoy a lifetime updates of no charge at all for this soft. Come on! Don’t hesitate to get one copy, because who knows this masterpiece will still be a freeware next time.

Download Free HD Video Converter Factory.

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