Reasons To Leave A Poor WordPress Web Hosting Service

Are you a WordPress user with a poor web hosting service? When you search online for a good hosting provider you will get number of results.After selecting your desired hosting service matching with your WordPress site traffic in some cases, you’ll feel hiccups. A poor web hosting can cause errors, site down issues and much more. Here are the top reasons to leave a poor web hosting service.

1. Error Establishing Connection To The Database

This error is quite common for weak hosting services. Means in a shared hosting all your resources are shared, when you publish a post in WordPress it consumes server resources. When lease server resources are shared to your site you will usually get “Error establishing Connection to the Database” error.

To solve this error either you need a CPanel or a good customer support. If your host don’t provide these two, better is to switch the host.

Internal Server Error

2. Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error is most common server error we usually see in almost all websites. A bad configuration of the server can cause this error, a good host server is properly configured a rarely causes this error. If you get Internal Server error too often, go for a better hosting provider.

Website Slow Speeds

3. Slow Speeds

Every hosting service promises good speeds. Speed is very important to get higher rankings in Google. And even for your audience also feel annoyance while browsing your site. Slow speed is caused by some bad plugins and server problems. Switching to a new web host or using a Content Delivery Network can solve your problem.

4. Customer Service

Your site is down, and your hosting customer service executive will respond in 24 hrs, what will you do? Sounds really frustrating. A good customer service is always needed for bad hosting service. If you are not happy with your hosting customer service now it is the time to move.

5. Site Downtime

Google really don’t like site down times. Of your site frequently gets down due to hosting service errors you really have a good chance to receive bad reputation, poor traffic and ultimately you are the looser.

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