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Mass Planner Review – Ultimate Social Network Scheduling Tool

For every business and website, be it small, big or even just a startup, social media marketing is one of the most important things to get people know about you and to turn them into customers. Taking that into account, many of us put a tremendous amount of work to raise our follower and fans count. We leverage that social media gateway to keep in touch and to share all the important updates and other news with all our users and visitors.

But the thing with social media is that you just cannot post a bunch of updates as you wish. It degrades your social media influence rather than building it up. The best approach is that find when your fans and followers are most active and post the updates, according to the data. One way of doing it is by cleverly scheduling your social media updates. This gives you the edge as the work is optimally scheduled to meet your requirements.

Mass Planner is one of the best software available for Windows users to schedule all your social media updates and it even provides some of the best features like auto-follow, automatic sharing, consistent posting, etc.

Mass Planner – Schedule and Automate

As said before, Mass Planner is a powerful tool that can manage your social media accounts. Unlike most tools, Mass Planner comes as a standalone Windows application to manage and schedule all your social media needs. Moreover, Mass Planner seamlessly integrates with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram. Simply put, it covers all most all the popular social media platforms so that you can get most out of the tool.


Features of Mass Planner

Add any Number of Social Media Accounts: Having multiple social media accounts is one of the most common ways to keep in touch with our fans and followers. Considering that, the best thing about Mass Planner is that it won’t limit on how many social media accounts you can add, i.e. you can add any number of social media accounts. Unlike other social media scheduling services, Mass Planner won’t even limit you from adding multiple social media accounts of the same platform (like multiple Facebook fan pages or twitter accounts).

Which is a good thing if you are managing multiple accounts on a single social media platform.

Schedule Social Media Updates: Scheduling social media updates is one of the important thing’s that Mass Planner can do. To good thing about the software is that it can automatically tweak all your social media updates to be posted at the best possible times when the users activity is higher. That’s right, Mass Planner acts as perfect Facebook scheduler and Pinterest Scheduler.

Since you can easily schedule all your social media updates, your social media timeline never runs out and your users will have fresh updates in regular and optimal intervals. This simple thing generates higher conversion and in turn gives your higher leads. Moreover, Mass Planner doesn’t limit your scheduling in any way, i.e. you can configure all your social media accounts to post on scheduled times.

Mass Planner Features

Join New Groups Automatically: If you are using social media for part of time then you will most probably know that joining groups related to your niche generates greater exposure and even lets you earn some loyal followers and fans. The usual method is that you need to find the related groups to join for yourself, but if you are using Mass Planner, it can find the related groups in Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn for you. This is much less work and saves you a lot of time so that you can actually concentrate on interacting with the group or community members.

Auto Follow People that Belong to your Niche: Following back who follow is one the most common tactics to retain the followers in Twitter and other platforms. Generally, you need to manually open your twitter account and manually follow people who follow you. This is time-consuming. But if you are using Mass Planner, you can auto follow people who follow you. Of course, Mass Planner lets you have full control over the options and you can always unfollow people if you think so. Moreover, unlike other tools, Mass Planner won’t just limit you to Twitter, but you can also auto follow people on Instagram, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

Automatically Share Posts on Facebook Groups: Just joining a Facebook group isn’t enough for your growth, you need to regularly post your social media updates to that group and attract the discussion on the post. This way you can easily grow your social media presence. Using Mass Planner, you can automate most of the process and can automatically post your updates to the Facebook groups.

Awesome Customer Support: Mass Planner is pretty easy to use and to get by, but if you ever get stuck or if you need any support, the support personnel of Mass Planner are always there to help you. In fact, Mass Planner website has tons of video tutorials to help you in every stage of the software configuration, scheduling, etc.

Other miscellaneous features include one-time payment modules, automating RSS feeds, automatically reposting same content over a period of time, auto-like, auto tweet, etc. Most of all, unlike other services, Mass Planner won’t advertise itself on your posts or updates. Which is a good thing if you don’t want to advertise the tool you are using to manage your social media accounts.


As you can see, Mass Planner is one of the best social media planner’s with a range of features while being incredibly easy to use even for beginners. If you want to increase your social media followers and influence, then using tools like Mass Planner is a must as it helps you to schedule all your social media posts to optimal times. Of course, if you want to test the service before going full-fledged, Mass Planner provides a five-day free trial. So, do give it a try and see if it helps you increase your social media presence.

That’s all for now and hopefully, that helps. Do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences about using the Mass Planner to schedule your social media updates.

Mass Planner Review
9.7 Overall

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Mass Planner is one of the best social media planner's with a range of features while being incredibly easy to use even for beginners.

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    nekrajB1 Nov 22, 2016 at 9:34 am

    dude I am also using mass planner but the main problem which I face in Mp that it cost too much ram and internet data .That is the reason I am not using it form last 1 month .
    BTW You have reviewed it very neetly .Thanks for this post.

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