What Makes OnePlus 2 Unique

OnePlus 2 is officially launched and is on the way to reach users hands. The smartphone which was one of the hottest topics in the smartphone category is now official. Our experience with the new OnePlus 2 was amazing, it is a beautiful piece of technology built with the finest quality. If you want to know what makes special OnePlue 2 uniques and stand out from the crowd, here is our detailed article to know.

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OnePlus 2 Build Quality and Hardware

Build Quality

OnePlus is a brand name with a tag line of “Flagship Killer”. The manufacturer really concentrated on the design and build quality of the device. The device is very lightweight and has very decent build quality. The device can truly compete with some big brands in the Industry without any doubt.

OnePlus 2 Swap Covers

StyleSwap Covers

You can easily customize the device using OnePlus official style swap covers, they are available in four varients-Black, Bamboo, Apricot, Kevlar and Rosewood. They already showed the removing back panel takes only a few seconds time in the VR launch video. Means you can switch back panel in a matter of seconds to match your style.

OnePlus 2 Specifications


With the new OnePlus 2, OnePlus is now focusing more on the powerful hardware and the performance. The OnePlus 2 is powered by a 1.8GHz octa-core 64-bit processor with 4GB of RAM. It has a 5.5-inch IPS 1080p display protected by Gorilla Glass 3, a 13MP rear-facing camera by Sony lens capable of recording 4K video recording and a 5MP front snapper. On the OS side, it has Android 5.0 Lollipop customized version OxygenOS.

OnePlus 2 USB Type-C Port

USB Type-C Port

OnePlus 2 comes with a USB type-C port, the OP2 is the first Android smartphone comes with this new and unique port. With the USB Type-C port allows faster data transfers speeds and reversible. Means it’s compatible with every device with standard USB ports.

OnePlus 2 Price and Availability


Another plus point of buying OnePlus 2 is its price. Although there are already many other contenders available but at this price point you get above mentioned high-end hardware.

OnePlus company latest smartphone, the OnePlus 2, is set to go on sale from August 11.

Quick Specifications

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