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Leo Privacy Guard Android app is one of the most popular Privacy apps in Play store. This app is basically an App locker with privacy settings features. We look at their App page in Google Play Store. It is very impressive. This app is about to cross 100 million downloads soon in the play store. One good thing is the app makers continuously giving support for those who posting issues in rating section. Star Rating currently showing 4 in the Play store page, which is not bad these days. Recently they released their updated version 3.1.

LEO Privacy Guard Features

This App has the full privacy control to find and lock anything you want in an Android phone. You can lock SMS, Call logs, Apps, Gallery, Private Pictures and Videos. Practically you can lock anything in your phone using this app. Mainly, Facebook like Social Networks and Whatsapp, Snapchat like messengers. These are the most locked apps or wanted to be locked apps.

LEO Privacy Guard

Privacy Scanner is available in this app. It scans and shows the unlocked Apps, Pictures, Videos etc. You can lock from the scanner result itself. It makes the locking work easy in few steps.

While talking about Privacy, Hiding is the most needed feature. Leo Privacy Guard providing a vault to hide SMS, Contacts, Call log, Photos, and Videos.

Another fantastic feature is WiFi Scanner. It scans the WiFi hotspots available and check whether they are encrypted or not and another possible way of security checks. It will be useful to check before we connect into a Public WiFi.


Anti-Theft feature is giving the option to lock all the apps in case of theft or lost. Also, we can trace and locate the phone in a map.

Gesture pattern and Pin lock are the two features available to set for unlocking the locked. App Lock screens can be customized with themes and App Cover to misguide those who try to unlock. For example, you can set a Fingerprint scanner cover which pops out a fake Fingerprint screen.

Break in Alert feature is really mind blowing one. If anyone tries to open the locked apps, after 3 failed attempts, your phone will take a snap from the front camera to capture who is trying to unlock the Apps without your permission. You can also set the number of failed attempts for the front camera to snap.

Boost is a separate app which installed along with this App. It helps in clearing the cache and junk files and speed up the Phone functions.

One more app called, “App Joy” installed with this Privacy Guard app, which is a suggested app pusher. Nothing but an Advertisement by Leomaster. Also, in the unlock screen which shows the Gesture pad or Number pad, Advertisements showed. This is the only con of this app.


Leo Privacy Guard is a good app with all the advanced features like Snap capturing of those who try to break in your locked apps. The popularity has also made sure the reliability of this app. As we said, advertisements and extra app are the only things you may feel irritating.

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LEO Privacy Guard Review
8.9 Overall
User Interface9
Value For Money9

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