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Once upon a time uTorrent is the popular and widely used Torrent client. But, nowadays, uTorrent is nothing but a  junk spammer who showing very low-quality ads in your PC / Laptop. BitTorrent Inc. chose this irritating way to make money on their products, which is now spoiling the once best, uTorrent.

There is an option to block those ads in uTorrent by buying upgrading to the Pro version. But, it is not recommended as there are so many BitTorrent clients available for free without any advertisements or junk wares. Let’s take a look on the best picks among many.

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QBittorrent is an open source BitTorrent client, like so many other clients. This client is a very light weight and aimed simply at bringing a uTorrent alternative at free of cost. It is based on libtorrent.It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Free BSD, Haiku and as Source Tarballs.

User Interface of Bittorrent is almost as same as uTorrent except on the Adware part. It has no advertisements at all. As well as it is completely free. You won’t be asked to pay bucks to go Pro or Premium version at any point of time. It has a good search engine inside to search for the torrent files easily.


Deluge is another free, Open Source BitTorrent client, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Like QBittorrent, Deluge also uses libtorrent as its backend. It gives all the features of uTorrent maximum possible. Also looks very simple in the user interface which reminds the golden days of uTorrent. Deluge is highly recommended as a uTorrent alternative nowadays, by Torrent sites.


Transmission is a popular and default Torrent client in some famous Linux distributions. It is also available officially for Mac OS X. For windows, an unofficial build is available in Project version – “Transmission-Qt Win Project”. Windows version is in good and working condition without any bugs.

User Interface mostly varied from the above two clients. But, Transmission aimed more simple client. It looks like a simple download screen in a browser. If you double-click on the downloading file, it will show the complete details with options to make changes.


Those who are affected by the spamming uTorrent adware, can just uninstall that old client and download anyone of the above freeware Torrent clients.

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