How to Stop Android Apps from Running in the Background

Android is built for providing a great user experience on your smartphone with its unlimited features. Android apps are the sweetening flavours of the OS which makes it the popular one among the smartphone lovers. For making the apps ready to respond anytime with the exact details, android running the apps in the background for some syncing purposes or for some location data. Whatever it is, many apps running on your phone even without your knowledge. The problem is that each and every app which runs on the background uses a specific amount of resources and battery to perform.

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This creates a problem in performance especially for those devices with some limited low amount resources. There are many other situations where you want to stop android apps from running in background. Anyways, in this article, we are giving you the methods to stop your apps from running on the background of your smartphone or any android enabled devices.

Before starting, we need to know which kind of apps to disable. Usually, a poor-written app will consume a lot of system resources to function properly. Usually such apps will use a large amount of RAM and battery in your device. We need to find and disable them to free up the resources thus increase the smartphone speed. To check those apps, you need to enable the developer options. After enabling the developer options, go to the “Running Services” screen. You will see a screen like below.


After this, you also need to check the battery usage of specific apps to determine whether to disable them or not. You can check this by going to “Settings > Battery Usage.” The screen will look something like the below screenshot.


From these two screens, you can determine which apps causing the problems by using a large amount of resources. Do not make a decision from a single check. Check the same three or four times with some intervals. If you found that the app still using that much of higher resources, it is the time to make a decision.

There are several ways to stop the apps from running in the background. You can stop them either using the system settings itself or by some third party applications. Let’s look into stopping the apps using the android settings itself.

If you want to stop the apps from running in the background using the android settings, there are three ways you can do it. You can either uninstall it, disable it or force stop it.

  • Uninstalling will completely remove the app from your phone thus releasing the used memory and battery in your device. It is only recommended if the desired app is no longer needed.
  • Disabling the app will temporarily disable it without removing the app from your phone. The app will only start operating upon the user enabled it.
  • Force stop will stop the app if it is currently running. The app will automatically start either by a system reboot or by a manual opening of that specific app.

Use the suitable option by going to “Settings > Apps > App Manager.” Then select the app you want to stop. This will disable, uninstall or force stop the selected app, thus releasing the system resources.

There are several third party apps like  Greenify and Llama are available on the app store which helps you to stop the apps which are running on the background. The Greenify app will automatically stop those apps which use high amount of resources. It will put the apps in hibernation when you are not using it. This automates the process. Thus, you don’t need to do it manually.


Using llama app, you can disable the apps while you switching to the next app. Though, it also helps to stop the inactive apps automatically.

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Stopping unwanted apps from running in the background will save some system resources. Thus, help to increase the overall smartphone speed. You can either use the traditional settings method or can use some third party apps listed above. There are some task killers available on the app store. I wouldn’t recommend this kind of task killers because it drains your battery without having that much effect over the background apps. So, try to avoid them.


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