Xiaomi Mi5 will have a 1080p Display instead of 2K one

Xiaomi Mi5 has been rumored for a long time. The company was recently announced that the device will be available from next month, this year at the MWC (Mobile World Congress). Recently the box shot of the Xiaomi Mi5 was also out on the internet which increased the eagerness of the Xiaomi fans. Now, the latest news from the company states that the device will have a 1080p display instead of the 2K one that was on the rumors recently. A little disappointing, the company only featuring a 1080p display on the device. But, having a sweet time in the past years of sale, the product won’t be affected by this small down gradation from the rumored spec sheet.

The Xiaomi lineup users were expecting the 2K screen on the new device. But, as per the news, they may need to satisfy with a 1080p screen. Mi5 is one of the most expected device from the Xiaomi recently. Nevertheless to say that the cheapness of the devices by Xiaomi is well accepted and moreover loved by the Xiaomi users all over world. Being the Chinese brand that controls the best sales in Chinese market, xiaomi always took forward n innovative way of making their devices to the top notch quality.

While other manufacturers currently concentrating on the devices with extreme hardware quality without looking into the cheapness, Xiaomi always showing some difference by balancing the pricing and the specs of the device. The Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime is the best example of such a device. It offeres almost double specs as the devices of the competitiors with same pricing. So, the company always loved for the cheapness of the devices. Despite the fact that xiaomi devices has some over heating problems, there is no disabilities to notice on this cheap devices.

Xiaomi’s senior VP, Liwan Jiang was revealed the new ‘Black Screen Technology’ used in the new upcoming xiaomi device. So, the xiaomi mi5 screen may be incorporating this technology to provide a better display to the users. There is no more rumors out about the display of the device. But, some tells that it may incorporate an AMOLED display. The details we know about the Mi5 screen also include, it may having a 5.2 inch screen.The time will tell the truth. So, lets wait for that.

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