LeEco Le 1s Smartphone Tips and Tricks

LeEco Le 1s is a flagship device from the LeEco. Elegant features including the unique fingerprint sensor placed on the backside of the device made it stand up in the crowd. It was already made the debut on the market by selling out thousands of devices within seconds of the launch. The features of the device are that much capable of competing with the global leaders of the smartphone products all over the industry. Having this device in pocket will make you proud of yourself for owning a great smartphone.

The company introduced this device at an affordable price. Thus, many of the smartphone users might own this one. So, we decided to give some useful tips and tricks for your LeEco Le 1s smartphone. These useful tips will greatly boost the productivity of the phone and has a great effect in improving the user experience. So, let’s have a look at them.

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1. Customize home screen

LeEco Le 1s is powered by the EUI based on the Android 5.1 OS. But, the actual work[lace is a little different from the pure android. Instead of an app launcher on the home screen, the EUI has a swipe feature to access the apps on the smartphone. Users want to swipe to both sides in order to access the apps on the phone. Having this custom OS isn’t blocking the customization features of the OS. The users could seamlessly customize as they prefer. You could organise the widgets and the look of the home screen any time.

Customize home screenCustomize home screen2

  • To move one app icon or widget to anywhere else, just tap and hold it until the desired place or screen. For example, if you want to misplace an app icon to the right screen, just drag it to the right side of the current screen. It will automatically slide to the next screen. Then release it.
  • To Customize the widgets, Change Themes, Select wallpapers, etc… Just tap and hold on the blank space in your home screen. It will show you some tools on the bottom side of the screen, and you could tweak the look.

2. Adjust display colour temperature

Almost every modern day devices have a built-in Ambient light sensor feature which automatically adjust the display settings according to the environmental light distribution. However, It doesn’t have any effect on the color temperature and quality of the display visuals as it is only affecting the brightness of the screen. You could adjust the color temperature of the display to make it more comfortable to handle with the phone. LeEco Le 1s supports various colour temperature modes namely LeTv Mode, Vivid mode, Natural, and Soft mode. You could select any one of them according to your intentions. To do this, juts go to Settings -> Display -> Color Mode and select the appropriate colour temperature profile.

Adjust display colour temperature Adjust display colour temperature2

3. Configure Content distribution on screen

The good text and content distribution on the screen can provide a better visual readability and the enhanced visual experience. Having sharp and clearer text can always make a comfortable feeling while reading the texts on the device screen. LeEco Le s provides various features for managing the text settings. You could change the readability by adjusting the fonts, size, zoom and many more settings by going to Settings -> Display -> Scale View. The zoom feature is a great help for those who has some readability problems.

Configure Content distribution on screenConfigure Content distribution on screen2

4. Display the data transfer speed

Having an eye on the data transfer speed can always help you estimate the data usage and the speed of your connection. But, using an app for the purpose is not that much easy as it sounds like. Letv s has the solution for the problem. You could easily display the data transfer speed of your device on the top bar alongside with the battery meter and other icons. To do this, go to Settings -> Dual SIM Mobile network -> and enable Real-time speed display. Now you have a better vision on the data transfer speed of your internet connection. It works in any internet connection modes including Mobile data and Wifi.

Display the data transfer speed2 Display the data transfer speed

5. Enable the Left hand UI

Are you a left hander? The LeEco Le 1s has a great feature namely the Left-hand mode. It helps you use your device without having any troubles. No more hold the device in your right hand and struggle to access certain features with ease. Here is the Left-hand mode in the smartphone. To activate the left-hand mode, Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> and Enable Left-hand mode.

Enable the Left hand UI2 Enable the Left hand UI

You could also change the lock screen display for your left hand. If you are a Letv Le 1s user, you might noticed that the num pad on the lock screen is displayed on the side where you have swiped to unlock. This feature is to make it simpler to input the security code to the device. To tweak the option, go to Settings -> Password Security -> Then, Enable or Disable Single hand mode lock screen.

6. Tap fingerprint sensor to take photo

The LeEco Letv Le 1s has a great fingerprint sensor placed uniquely on the backside of the device. Apart from only giving the access credentials to the phone, the fingerprint sensor does something more. You could take selfies using the fingerprint sensor! Hey, are you joking? No. I am serious. Just tap on the fingerprint sensor and you will see you got your lovely selfie. Before that, you want to go to Settings -> Fingerprints -> Then, Enable Tap to capture photo under Touch control management. This feature helps to easily take your selfies with only one hand and make it a perfect one.

Tap fingerprint sensor to take photoTap fingerprint sensor to take photo2

7. Configure Notifications

Have you ever wished if you could manage and configure your notifications? Letv 1s has a feature that helps you manage and configure your notifications. You could enable or disable notifications for particular apps or change the settings according to the priority. The feature also provides the preview of the notification to change it live. To manage the settings, go to Settings -> Notification Management and tap on the apps to set managed notifications for that particular app. Now, you will be no longer notified by the apps which you are turned off the notification feature.

Configure NotificationsConfigure Notifications2

8. Smart battery assistant

Is your device dying many times each day? Want a better battery saving without those fraud battery saving apps? Here is the solution inside the Le 1s itself. It supports many battery modes namely, Smart power saving, Super power saving, and Ultra-long standby time. These modes help to get the most juice out of the battery when required. To change the settings, Go to Settings> Battery> Battery Assistant and turn on the Battery assistant. Then, choose the appropriate mode. Now, you will be saving your battery according to the battery mode you have chosen.

Smart battery assistantSmart battery assistant2

9. Set up Automatic power On/Off

There are several situations where you want to power on or off your devices. But, doing it manually by waiting in front of it is not a good idea while we have an automated tool to do it. The Letv Le 1s has an automatic power on or off feature which can be set to work after a specified time. To do this, Go to Settings -> Power On/Off settings -> Then Enable or Disable Schedule Power on/off. You will be able to set the specific time for the actions according to the needs. Adjust the time settings by tapping on the Power on alarm and Auto power off.

Set up Automatic power On/OffSet up Automatic power On/Off2

Now, your device will switch off and on according to the time set by you. This is very useful if you have a long download to complete, and you want to save your battery on night. Just calculate the approximate time for the download and schedule the power off according to that.

10. Enable/Disable auto-launch of apps

Your device getting slow with a ton of running app. Some of them automatically starting even without your knowledge. They might be some resource eaters and may be some useless services. Go to Settings -> Permissions -> Manage auto launch. You will be able to control the access to Phone, Messages, Mobile Network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Video, Gallery or location, etc… for certain apps. After configuring the apps, it won’t start till you reactivate those features.

Enable/Disable auto-launch of appsEnable/Disable auto-launch of apps2


In this article on “LeEco Le 1s Smartphone Tips and Tricks,” we shared a lot of useful tips and tricks you can try with your sweet Le 1s smartphone. These help you improve the productivity of your smartphone to a great extent. Try them to make a better user experience on your phone. They are very easy to set and very effective if you use it in the right way. So give them a try.

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    venkatesh Mar 10, 2016 at 5:25 am

    Like cool pad note3 is it possible to operate apps or games with fingerprint in Lee 1s mobile

    • Reply
      Muhammed Swalih Mar 26, 2016 at 4:50 am

      In some Apps and Games it is possible. But, may not work in some which has a compatibility issue with the fingerprint reader.

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