How to Prevent Over Heating of Android Smartphones? Things to Try Before Pouring Some Water

Overheating devices are always a nightmare to the smartphone users. Many times during long game sessions and video streaming, your device hesitated to stay cool. It became hot like a pancake. This modern era is of high-end usage and gaming where we need a lot of resources to perform the tasks. The things are not that much easy without a good device consisting some good specs. So, the manufacturers alway paying attention in producing some extreme devices with monster hardware.

Even though, they fail to keep the devices in a usual temperature in continuous usage sessions. The battery also drains rocket fast without any mercy. As there are no definitive ways to solve these problems, we have some working methods to give a try before you pouring some water over your smartphone or putting it in the refrigerator. So, let’s have a look through them.

There is no better way than choosing a good one when buying a smartphone.

Use some Good Device cooler app

If your device is heating up than a holdable temperature to your hands, it is the time to try fixing it. There are many device cooler apps available on the app store. But, to be honest, many of them not working as much as we expected. But, some of them really helps to cool down the smartphone to a great extent. DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger is such a good app that let you cool down the device to a good amount. There is no magic, but the app just maintains the system processes and tasks to consume a less battery and produce a less heat. There are also some good apps like Cooler Master are available to download. Be sure to choose the right one that can surely help you out.

Update your Apps or Uninstall them

Sometimes, some apps with outdated content may use a high amount of system resources and create problems with the device. Updating them sometimes solve the problem. If you are unable to fix the issue even after the update, and you notice an app uses a high amount of resources like battery, uninstalling them may pay off.

Move to a Better Cool Place

If you are in a very hot room or a closed area, there is a much more chance to increase the surrounding pressure thus the heat also. So, the device gets heated very fast than in an open place. So, just try using the device in a much more wider or open place, You can try your Balcony, Sit-out and many open areas to use your device. The method sounds a little funny because I am suggesting you to move to a different place for using a smartphone. But, it really works. You could also try turning on A/C and turning on the Fan. As they can reduce the temperature of the air and increase air circulation, it may help you to maintain the heating problem.

Remove Cover while Charging

If you secured your smartphone with any type of removable cases (Extra cases), you should remove them while charging. It will help to reduce the temperature of the surrounding of the device and provide a better heat stabilization. Apart from this, it can also boost charging speed of the smartphone to a great extent. Don’t try removing the original case that comes with the device. As it can cause some problems, I don’t recommend removing it while charging your phone.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Most of the device battery is consumed by the screen. About 40%+ battery is drained by he screen. If you are one of that kind who put the brightness to the highest level available, it is the time to change the habit. Alongside the battery consumption, it also causes the overheating of the device. As more light comes out of the phone, the display may get hot and increase the device heat. The excess screen brightness can also affect the vision. So, it is always recommended to use a minimal and comfortable lighting for the screen.

Restart the device

Sometimes, a device restart may solve the issues. If you felt that the overheating is happening for the first time in case of your device, it might be due to some changes to the system settings or due to some temporary tasks that consumes a lot of resources. If so, there is a big chance for a smartphone restart can solve the problem easily. If the problem still exists after the reboot. Try powering off the device and putting it in the power off state for some minutes and allow the device to cool down. After some time power on and start using it.

Just Stop the Session

If any one of the above methods not fixing your device overheating problem, it is the time to stop your over usage of the smartphone. It is not good to use the device in heating condition as it can cause some serious damages to the circuit or to the entire device. Sometimes it can also lead to explosions of the battery and cause injuries. So, it is not recommended to continue using the overheating smartphones for a long time. Either fix them from a technician or replace them with a new one.

Never Try a Cooler or Refrigerator

Someone of you may think that. The refrigerator is a good cooler that can cool anything. But in the case of your smartphone, it will cool the smartphone but also damage it. You won’t be able to never again use it after a complete cool down inside a refrigerator. The devices can’t overcome a specific point of cool. If they exceed it, the inner chips will get seriously damaged. So, never try this with your smartphone.

It’s the time to do something to cool down your smartphone, and this might be the point if you cant even hold it in your hand during gaming sessions. Try the above methods and also try replacing your battery. I hope, it might help you to control the overheating problem to a great extent.

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