Make money with Shortest URL shortner – Review

The reason I am writing this review is makes money, it makes instant money, and it does not need you to have a degree in anything to make money online.

No, you don’t have to take my word for it, I will just list my reasons for saying so, and I am sure you are going to fall in love with them.

The best thing about That I love is you don’t need to have a website to make money from, even if you have an active enough social media profile, Google Plus or Twitter or Google Plus you can be making a decent payout from

Tools has to Make More Money For You

If you want to make just money, the URL shortener from does the job comics it’s pretty simple all you have to do is shorten the URL And Get It clicked.

Well, this is the easiest, the most efficient way to get paid on shorter notice t but that’s not all, has numerous other features to help make your monetization easier it even lets you boost and improvise your monetization tactics. (I’ll show how worry not!)

Affiliate System

Now this is my personal favorite method to make money with, all you have to do is, refer your friends to and it will keeping you 20% of whatever your friends make for the rest of your life.

The point is the Super High Commission payout from  makes it extremely easy for your friends to net out a minimum of $50-100 every month without a lot of effort. Now if you refer 10 such friends, you are looking at $1,000 of their primary commission and 20% of that is $200 for you, totally free without even having to work a single second for the rest of your lives.

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Advanced Website Script

In case, your AdSense got banned, or even if its still running does not matter the point is is here to make money for you in both the cases.

What makes is totally worth the time you put in is you basically have to put in only couple seconds to copy paste the script on your website and in return guarantees you a hundred percent click-through rate, something that no other platform or service dares to promise.

Advanced Features

I totally understand if you don’t want the ads to pop up every time in New visitor lands on your site, that might not be the most professional way to go around this well were you not, has solutions for this too.

it has some extremely advanced website script  customizations like the exit intent, what it does is it show the ads to your visitors only when they are about to leave the website that way your website remains clean as long as they are on the website and when they are about to leave that pops out so, either way, you are not frustrating them because they are already leaving the site anyways, and you’re making some money in the process, and trust me exit intent is one of the best possible ways to convert any out there.

It has the capping  capabilities as well, which can be embedded in the website script, now what the capping  capabilities does is its senses certain events, activities on patterns from your visitors and pops the ads up only when those events occur.

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For example you might want to show an ad to a guy only when he visits a website for the second time, or only when the person has spent a certain amount of time on the Website,  and certain other features as such so technically you get almost hundred percent control over your website comma and the ads does you don’t have to compromise on the professionalism of your website.


So yeah here’s the bottom line, makes money for you, and it makes money for you fast, meaning right from the moment you start shortening URL’s and getting them clicked.

So it’s like, instant money! And you get it all live in the Statistics dashboard, meaning you get a Live report of how your links are performing, how much cash you made and everything else right in your dashboard!

So yeah I’ll say they’re transparent, they make instant money, are free to join! So, you still got an excuse for not joining it? Just go along and Signup right now!

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