How to Take Screenshots in Motorola Moto G3

Motorola Moto G 3rd generation smartphones are being a wave on the smartphone market with the amazing features and the build quality. The users started to love the new member of the series after the Moto G 2nd generation.

Have you ever wondered, how to take screenshots in Motorola moto g3? if you’d so, we’ve the solution for you. Recently we published an article on taking screenshots in Motorola moto g2. The steps are much similar as that but repeating to share something more we’ve got now.

So, follow the simple steps given below to take screenshots or snapshots in moto g 3rd generation smartphone.

Steps to Take Screenshots in Motorola Moto G3

  • There are two ways you can take snapshots of your screen in Moto g3. The first method is just simple as pressing and holding both the Power and Volume down key for three seconds, or until you hear the camera shutter click from your smartphone. This is the best and easiest way to take screenshots in your Motorola smartphone.
  • But, what to do when any of the buttons are not working properly? Or if you wanted better screenshots more than just your screen. There is an alternate method to take screenshots on your Moto g2. Some of the apps are available on the playstore that help you better take your screenshots as much as effective with completely tweakable features. We are listing some of the best of such apps here. Use any one of them as you like as they are very effective in features.

You can use anyone of the above methods to take screenshots on your Motorola moto g3 smartphone. As the app method is a little more difficult, we recommend using the button method.

Once you’ve taken all screenshots you wanted and want to see them, just navigate to Apps -> Gallery -> Screenshot. You can now take then wherever you wanted.

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