5 Reasons iPhone 6s / S7 Users Must Envy with OnePlus 3

As soon as a bunch of smartphones comes to light in the tech industry we start duels among them. Customers, out there are also aware where their device falls weak. If they can’t punch a way through it then we phrase that as a deal breaker. Well, today on TTH we are going to present you 5 Reasons iPhone 6s / S7 users must envy with OnePlus 3. Let’s get started.

OnePlus 3 Fingerprint Sensor

The former OnePlus flagship OnePlus 2 which was claimed to beat the FP Race was marvelously failed in real-time performance. In fact, it took months of OTAs to stabilize the FP sensor on the 2 but it’s not the same with OnePlus 3. The FP sensor on the 3 is blazing fast enough to unlock your device at 0.2s beating iPhone 6s and even the S7 species.



Change is inevitable and Android users fancy it. OnePlus’es Oxygen OS is a pure vanilla experience with necessary customizations like dark mode, gestures, quick tile arrangements and the famous capacitative/ software button toggle. All of this makes S7 as well as iPhone users think.

Are we limited?
The answer is; Yes you are!



Although there is much work around with RAM management in OnePlus 3 but at the end of the day its unlockable which again makes mighty S7 and iPhone 6s users feel low.



Yeah, this is another aspect you need to keep an eye on. OnePlus devices still come under warranty even if you mess up your device and go for rooting. In fact, the bootloader is easily unlockable on all the species of OnePlus origin.

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Dash charging!

Oh boy, gotta say the experiences I had with dash charging actually changes our habit of charge cycles. With blazing 5V on 4A speed, your device can get from 0-60% in just 30 mins. Dash Charging is proved to be better than Qualcomm 3.0 quick charge standards. Currently, both S7 and iPhone can’t match up with this stats and alas they heat up too. And OnePlus 3 simply doesn’t!


We are at the end of the list. What do you have to say about these 5 reasons? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Mohammad Shahebaz is an author at Android News Box, felicitated the Award of Excellence by Microsoft Corporation at Microsoft World Championship in 2013, Delhi. He is an upsurging ethical hacker and loves what inspires him.

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