Alternative Free Note Apps for Evernote

Evernote announced the increase of subscription charges a few days back. Not only they stopped with that, the free use of Limited Evernote is further limited to two devices. It’s an open threat to those using Evernote that they are going money greedy. The free users are too much irritated with the restrictions.

Now it’s the time to look for some of the alternates for the Evernote. Here we picked some of the free alternate Note apps.

Best Alternatives of Evernote

Best Alternatives of Evernote are – Simple Note, Microsoft OneNote, Nimbus Note, Apple Note and Google Drive

The Microsoft OneNote is available for both Windows and Mac users but, the Apple Note is restricted for Apple users. The remaining Nimbus Note and Google Drive can be used many popular OS including Microsoft Windows and Apple OS.


Simple Note

Simple Note is our first and the best alternative of Evernote. It has almost all features supported by Evernote. It has some fantastic features like synchronisation, sharing Note on almost all platforms. It works with third-party apps like Notational velocity for Mac and nVault. It has dedicated clients available for Mac, Android, iOS and Kindle platforms.


Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is the second best competitor for Evernote. It mostly has everything that Evernote has and also can be used in many ways. You can see a lot of features in OneNote, which needs some time to try them all.

To export the existing Notes to OneNote, Evernote Windows App has options to download the Notes. We can import the downloaded Notes into the OneNote easily with the importer tool.

Mac users have to run Windows OS on their device and have to do the above process to make the successful export-import of Notes.

Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note App

Nimbus Note App is less known Note app, but it is pretty well featured. Nimbus Note apps available for – The Web, PC, Chrome, Windows Phone, Android, iPad and iPhone. The versatile availability of platforms with all can be synchronized is something awesome about Nimbus.

Nimbus also offers Nimbus Clipper and Screen Capture apps; they are additional uses of Nimbus. The free plan allows upload of 100MB per month. For only the Notes, this is enough for many.

The Evernote Notes can easily be imported to Nimbus Note app.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is not for everyone. This is a web-based service and can be accessed by any device using the web. Google Drive actually offers us online storage of documents. It also includes Text document which can be used as Notes. Also, people get a variety of document formats such as Word, spreadsheet, etc.

We can also search the documents to find a specific note easily. Also, long size notes can be easily stored in Drive.

Apple Note

Apple Note

Apple Note is coming with the OS X itself. The latest version is available from OS X El Capitan 10.11.4. Apple note has rich features comparable to the Evernote. It can be imported into Apple Notes.

Apple Note’s advantage is there is no limit to use, and it is coming as a feature in the OS itself. So, no need to download, update separately.


Out of the four, Simple Note is the one look equal or even better than Evernote. Apple Note is good for the Mac users without any doubt, as it is coming with the OS. Nimbus Note looks promising and worth trying it out. Google Drive is completely different for maintaining Notes like in other Note taking platforms. But it does give us a lot of control over our Notes.

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    JR Jul 2, 2016 at 4:53 pm

    If you use it for simple lists and notes like I do, another good option is to set up a PmWiki page. PmWIki was originally designed years ago for group wikis but it works fantastic for a simple Evernote-like app. The note topics are in the left menu leaving most of the screen area for writing whatever the topic is about. You can put PmWiki on your paid hosted page or one of the many free hosting plans available. Easy to set up and easy to use. You have complete control and it works on any and all devices that can connect to the internet.

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