How To Cast Media on A Smart TV without Chromecast?

In older times we settled listening to the radio and watching movies on the big screen. Today the media world is extended to every other part of our lives. From the theaters to our classrooms we are all dependent on the media content. Our homes as we know have become a mini-theater with that real big and crispy Smart TV installed. Surely, there are some features it offers but at some end you wished it casts your media with ease. Well, Google has brought this idea in the form of it’s streaming drive called Chromecast, but not all have the convenience purse to buy it.

If you want to cast your pictures and videos right onto your big TV and set up a family show without any dependencies alike Chromecast then you are to the right place folks.

Before we get into the deal, let’s pull ou the requirement list.


  • A Smart TV with Wifi support
  • A Router preinstalled at your dwelling
  • A SmartPhone with LocalCast App

That’s pretty it.

Guide to Cast Media on A Smart TV without Chromecast

  1. Setup your Wifi Router with a moderate password. Note that this method even works without your ISP.
  2. Now, hold up your precious TV remote and Navigate to Menu and search for Network Settings.
  3. Press Ok and then search for the Wifi Network.
  4. Select your Wifi Connection and put required password to connect your Smart TV to your router.
  5. After entering the password it might take a while for your Smart TV to confirm the connection.
  6. At this moment, pick our smartphone and connect it to the same Wifi Network. [IMPORTANT]
  7. Open App Drawer and go to Google Play Store to Install LocalCast Application.
  8. Launch the Application and allow Media permissions
  9. Tap the Cast Icon and Scan for your Smart TV. Make sure it detects your TV. If it fails then tap on Change at scan settings and enable all the three toggles.localcast-for-chromecastdlna-471-1-s-307x512
  10. Now, select your TV.
  11. Go to the Media section and tap on your desired media to cast.

That’s it. Now you can stream your videos at your hearts content. Do let us know if you have any problems. Don’t forget to like and share this post among your friends.

Mohammad Shahebaz is an author at Android News Box, felicitated the Award of Excellence by Microsoft Corporation at Microsoft World Championship in 2013, Delhi. He is an upsurging ethical hacker and loves what inspires him.

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