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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review

When the Smart Wristbands was announced to the world for the first time they were kinda expensive. But now as the time goes by and just like smartphones, smartwatches, and smart bands are also available at a somewhat low price. Not that cheap that you won’t even considering buying it.

Now with manufacturers like Xiaomi, which are ruling in Asia and other parts of the world by providing great specs in Low price on their smartphone industry. They are now opting the same strategy for their smart bands.

The latest smart bands from Xiaomi, i.e., Xiaomi Mi Band 2 which is a great smartwatch for the ones who are considering to have one for the first time.

So now I will tell you about each and every factor of Mi Band 2 and how it will live up to your expectations.

xiaomi mi band 2

Xiaomi Band 2: Build Quality and Display

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is not the prettiest smart band in the world. It just looks simple just like a wrist smart band should look like. MiBand 2 is made up of cheap silicon, but it seems sturdy and Solid.

The Mi Band 2 is IP67 water resistant so that it can resist splashes and a little bit dip into the water. This feature is a must in every smart band.

The OLED display on Mi Band 2 is good and vibrant with great visibility outdoors. But it is not a scratch resistant, so you have to be careful about that.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Tracking

Mi Band 2 is useful and very effective regarding tracking as it tracks you whether you are sleeping or awake. The Module inside Mi Band 2 detects that and is useful for giving you guide about how you are sleeping.

Other features include the alarm where it will vibrate to wake you up. Also, the Step Counting and Heart Rate sensor is useful sometimes because it does not show the most accurate data of your steps and heart beats.

Xiaomi mi band 2 build quality

XiomiMi Band 2 : Mi Fit App

Mi Fit App is just a basic App for mi Band 2. It is slightly better than the last version of FitBit App. There’s a Dashboard include in the app where it will show you all the information like your day’s activities, Sleeping data, most recent heart rate and your last streak.

You can also manually track your weight in the new fit bit app.

The Mi Band is great in showing your daily, weekly and monthly activities on a graph. The only thing which is not shown in the graph is the heart rate monitor as it shows only the readings with contexts.

Battery Life

The battery life on Mi Band 2 is great you can easily get up to a week and 2-3 days more of a battery life on a single charge. Of course, the battery life will vary for every person. As per my usage, it was moderate to heavy use with tracking your activities and watching graphical information regularly it last me for a week.

It rivals other wearables in battery life. You won’t complain about the battery life on Mi Band 2.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Extra features

The extra features of Xiaomi band 2 are the smartphone notifications. You can set it up for incoming calls or other messaging notifications like WhatsApp. This will make you do the task on the go without even taking out your smartphone. Well until and unless you want to pick up your smartphone and answer the incoming call or reply the WhatsApp message.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is not a big upgrade from Xiaomi Mi Band, but it surely would be nice if you will upgrade to Mi Band 2. I’m saying this because of all the little factors which are slightly better than the last version. If you don’t want to upgrade you still don’t have anything to worry about.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review
8.6 Overall
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