My Alarm Clock – Android App Review

Alarms, they are the most helpful things we use daily. One thing common among every single of is that we have to wake up the next day no matter what. So, being a necessary thing we need to have a proper Alarm to wake us up. Gone are those days where we used to use the traditional alarm clock. Nowadays, there are very less group of people who don’t own a smartphone. Even the most basic phone will have an alarm option. Many alarm apps are available in the Play store. It’s because the stock alarm app is a flat and dull alarm app.  They are too fancy, and they don’t do the work what it is meant to do. The alarm app must be in a way that it is convenient to the users.

Why we need alarm clock for Android

The alarm is a third person. It’ll wake us up just like the crowing chickens. But there’s a myth that if we stop or step away from gadgets for a week, our brain fixes the time, and that helps us to wake up even without alarms. There are few reports which say that Alarm clock promote unhealthy sleep habits. We use alarms to get up on time in the morning. And it does its work by waking us up no matter how much sleep we have gotten. It doesn’t matter whether you have overslept or you have not slept at all. But we live in a modern world where living without gadgets is impossible.

So, here’s one of the best alarm app: My Alarm Clock app review

My Alarm app is one of the most powerful and good looking alarm apps you can find in the play store. My Alarm Clock app is not just an alarm app. It’s something more than it. This app is designed in a way that we don’t miss an event and yet a brilliant UI. This app can help your day to start fresh by playing your favorite music playlist as your alarm ringtone. The app might look simple, but it is not when the functions of the app are considered. The features included in this app gives wider expandability of options and features to choose across. The nightstand mode of the app can turn the app into a bedside clock which can come handy at times. The brightness of this app can be increased or decreased by sliding down for getting the display dim and vice versa to make the screen bright. This option can come handy where all the functions can be performed single-handedly. The My Alarm Clock app includes a feature called fade in which gently increases the volume of the ringtone rather than a sudden loud alarm.

Apart from it, there’s are features which explain the term ‘It’s not just an alarm app’ what I meant to say here was that My Alarm Clock app has two attractive features other than the setting Alarms itself.

  1. Weather information – This app provides latest and live local weather conditions which might be useful at times since we don’t regular check the weather updates.
  2. Built in Flashlight – This feature might come handy at times for those who are scared of dark or at times when a flashlight is necessary.

Top features of the My Alarm Clock app

Alarm clock

My Alarm Clock - 7

Being an Alarm app, this app does its best. This app has a background alarm support meaning that even if you close the app, the My alarm clock app works fine. The unlimited alarm support, nonstop alarm and the auto snooze feature of this app will help you not to oversleep. The nonstop alarm support feature of this app keeps playing the ringtone/music until you stop or snooze it. Which ensures that you wake up peacefully and on time.

These are the various options you can choose across and customize while you set an alarm:

  • Repeat – Choose the day(s) for the alarm
  • Sound & Music – Choose your favorite song/playlist for the alarm ringtone
  • Vibration – Turn on or Turn off vibration
  • Fade in – Plays the alarm ringtone in an increasing volume
  • Snooze duration – Choose the extra time you need
  • Shake to snooze – This feature will help you to snooze easily by just shaking the phone

Beautiful widgets

My Alarm Clock - 8

This app has a set of beautiful layouts and widgets which can be changed according to your taste and mood. It contains few exclusive designer clocks which can be used both in vertical and horizontal modes.

Other additional features

My Alarm Clock app has few other additional features which make it one of a kind:

  • Sleep timer – This app has a sleep timer which helps you to fall asleep by listening to soothing and relaxing tunes.
  • Nightstand mode – This feature turns your phone into a bedside clock, and there’s also an option where you can prevent the screen from locking when connected to a charger.
  • Weather information – This feature displays the real-time local weather conditions and temperatures.
  • Flashlight – Turn on or Turn off the flashlight by double tapping on the screen or shaking the device.


There might be many Alarm apps, which people might think even better than this. But honestly what it does it’s mesmerizing. Who’d expect everything at a single place, meaning that why to buy separate apps when you have the features in here. The flashlight, weather information, beautiful premium widgets and more. The alarm pop up and the buttons huge which make it convenient to use when you are sleepy in the morning.  The UI is the simplest of all. It’s very easy to use and no sort of guide is needed to use this app. The additional features like the flashlight, bedside clock, and weather information have taken this app to the next level by providing the most in a single place.

My Alarm Clock
Price: $1.99
My Alarm Clock – Android App Review
8.1 Overall
User Interface8
Value For Money8

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