Playster Review – The Good, The Bad, and The Free

Playster is a subscription-based entertainment service that offers ebooks, audiobooks, music, games, and movies. The platform, which has recently unveiled major updates, aims to compete in the streaming market by offering unlimited access to all media types in one place. Basically, it’s like Netflix, but with everything else added in.

As a lover of good stories, whether in the form of movies, music, or books, I’m constantly searching for a good online entertainment provider. I have multiple accounts on various media subscription sites and I think it is high time that someone has finally gathered all the different entertainment forms into one platform. Needless to say, I was thrilled to try out Playster after I read about it on Engadget.


The Good

Multimedia Subscription

With Playster, you can either register for a single media subscription or an all-media subscription. I chose to register for the latter, as it was highly recommended in the Engadget review. For $24.95 a month, I was offered unlimited access to books, movies, music, and games. As I was in my free trial month, I intended to make the most of this amazing deal.


The first thing I explored was their collection of ebooks. Unfortunately, I did not find all of the titles on my ‘To Read’ list. However, I did enjoy their extensive library of about 250,000 e-books. They were well organized into genres and subgenres and offered plenty of variety.

I explored the list of mystery books and found Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, as well as Olshaker’s Mindhunter, which was both good reads. Their collections of child and YA books were also quite wide. As someone who is always ready to find the next great read, regardless of the book’s popularity, I soon fell in love with Playster’s library.

Compatible Devices

Playster is compatible with Android devices, and its app can be downloaded from Google Play. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you can also download the app from iTunes. With the app, I was able to save the books onto my device, which was convenient, especially when I traveled to an area without Internet access.

The Bad

Since I am stricter when it comes to my choices movies, I found Playster’s collection in this media form somewhat lacking.


The movie collection was mainly composed of documentaries. I did enjoy some of them, like Road to Peace: Ancient Wisdom from the 14th Century Dalai Lama of Tibet and Superthief. However, it did not satisfy my craving for blockbusters or newly released action movies.

The Free

Playster Combo Box

The Playster Combo Box, which includes headphones and an Android tablet, is given free to anyone living in the US who has signed up for a 12-month membership. I think that this is an awesome add-on, however, as I decided to start with the free trial month, I was not able to test out the Combo Box.


Considering all the things Playster has to offer, I would say that it’s a new entertainment platform that’s definitely worth trying. Especially since you don’t have to pay for the first 30 days. That being said, I’m keen to see how the service grows and improves on its current movie offering.

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