How to Convert MP3 to M4R

Before now, iPhone users will tell you that when they search for and find some of their favorite songs online in mp3 format, they are always at crossroads as to whether they should hit the download button or not, owing primarily to the fact that their iPhone doesn’t support the mp3 music format. Instead, it supports the m4r and m4a audio file formats.

Using any of the various free and paid conversion tools either online and offline, they can now download and convert their mp3 files to m4r (the iPhone ringtone format).

Convert MP3 to M4R using free online converters

  1. Visit ZamZar. Navigate to and Click the “Choose Files” button > Select your mp3 files. On step 2, choose m4r as the format to convert to > enter your email address to receive download link > Hit the Convert button.
  2. M4rOnline – Visit M4rOnline. Click the “Browse” button and choose your mp3 file > Upload Now. Click the download button on the next page when the conversion is complete. You cannot convert more than one file at a time.
  3. AudioConverter – Visit OnlineAudioConverter. Click the “Open Files” button (or the Google Drive, URL or Dropbox links) and select your mp3 file > upload will start automatically. Click the “iPhone Ringtone” option on step 2 > then navigate to and click the “Convert” button on Step 3. Download your file when the conversion is complete.
  4. Visit ConvertFiles. Navigate to and click the “Browse” button to select your mp3 > choose MPEG-3 Audio File (.mp3) as input format > Choose Apple iPhone Ringtone File (.m4r) as output format > click Convert.

Convert using iSkySoft iMedia Converter Deluxe

Download and install this software for your Mac or Windows PC. While it’s not free to use after your free trial time has elapsed, it’s better than paying $0.99 every time you download music to your iPhone. Imagine how much you’d spend if you were a music freak!

  1. Navigate to the File menu and hit the “Load Media Files” button to choose your mp3 songs.
  2. Under the “Audio” section at the lower part of the screen, choose m4r as the format to convert to > Click the convert button.

Convert using iTunes on your computer

Here’s a quick way to convert your mp3 music to an iPhone ringtone using the iTunes app on your Windows PC.

  1. Launch the iTunes app and navigate to the File menu > Click the “Add file to library” and select your mp3 files.
  2. Click the “My Music” tab to see the uploaded mp3 > Right-click on it and select the “Create AAC Version” option.
  3. Right-click on the newly created AAC version and select the “Show in Windows Explorer”. A new window will appear with your converted file selected (it will have an m4a file extension).
  4. Right click on the m4a file in the new Windows Explorer window and rename it, removing the m4a extension and replacing it with m4r.

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