How To Check Tab Memory Usage In Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox is a widely used browser across all platforms. It offers very convenient browsing for users along with add-ons support. Have you ever felt slow down of the Firefox when multiple tabs open? You can speed up Firefox using various ways but if you frequently face the slow down issue while many tabs open it means some of the tabs are causing slow down.

The slow down or lagging of the Firefox is mainly due to the Javascript use; many sites use Javascript for running their website. But in some cases, Javascript eats most of the memory available in the machine and causes the slow down. I’m not suggesting you increase your machine RAM, by following few steps you will know which Tab is consuming most of the RAM. Later you can decide to proceed or kill that particular Tab to free up the browser.

To know which Tab is consuming more RAM you have to install Tab Data extension from addon store.

How To Check Tab Memory Usage In Mozilla Firefox Browser Using Tab Data Extension?

After installing the Tab Data extension, it starts working at the top right corner of the Firefox browser. It frequently indicates the high usage with red and optimal usage with green color indications.

Tab Usage in Firefox

You can check the Tabs memory usage by clicking on the addon icon at the top right corner of the Window. Along with the Tab RAM consumption, you can check detailed tab memory usage analysis from the graph. It also allows you to check how many tabs were opened in the present session and number of tabs opened since the installation of this extension.

Tab Usage Stats in Tabs

Additionally, in a shortcut, you can check the Tab memory usage on the Tab’s itself. The usage will be displayed beside the site name you visit.


Now onwards you can easily check high memory consuming tabs in your Firefox browsing session.

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