Reasons For Unstable or Signal Dropping WiFi Connections

Sometimes WiFi networks will fail to deliver good stable signals. The reasons are unknown and unexpected sometimes. This kind of signal dropping or unstable connections are frustrating. Fortunately, there are some tweaks available to maintain uninterrupted signal quality in WiFi. Go through the below points and maintain a healthy WiFi signal.

Same Name SSID Issue

This problem persists when your devices know two different WiFi networks with the same name. It mostly happens in public or open network connections. The reason is the SSID name conflict, and your device may connect to a wrong SSID instead of yours. To solve this issue, rename your WiFi SSID and take the proper security of your router with a strong password.

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Old Firmware

This kind of problem will raise in old routers. It is mainly due to the old or incompatible firmware installed in the router. The driver is capable of controlling the router connections and other functions. If your router driver is old and trying to connect latest devices, there might be an understanding problem between two devices. Updating the router with the latest firmware will fix the issue in most of the cases. Every router manufacturer has latest device drivers download page for the user convenience. In some routers, you can update firmware from the router dashboard directly.

Incompatible Software Patches

This issue is caused by the incompatible software running there. Today, I faced this issue in the morning. After updating my Windows 10 PC, the router started hiccups while connecting to it. If you are facing this kind of issue, check the update log and uninstall the problem causing update from your computer. Also, some software installed on your computer may cause this problem. Go through the installed software list and find the one causing the connection issues and uninstall it.

Signal Conflict Issue

This is the most common WiFi connectivity issue we see everywhere. Consumer electronics can down the WiFi signal by resulting poor signal quality. Electronic items like Fridge, Microwave Ovens, Bluetooth devices, Televisions and other WiFi devices signals will take down the signal. Try to place your WiFi router away from these devices at a higher place like shelves.
Router Restart

A simple restart is good enough to save from unstable connection issues. It is not a permanent solution for unstable connection problems always. It will solve issue only when your router working continuously for days without a single minute rest.


These are the main reasons for unstable connections. I hope the above tips will help you to maintain a stable WiFi connection without hiccups. Please do share your valuable comments below.

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