AGM M1 Rugged Feature Phone Review

AGM M1 is an old style feature phone with a rugged design. It has the IP68 certification for waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. It has the physical keypad, and there are no touch screen features. Of course, AGM M1 is not an android based phone. After the arrival of Smartphones, the feature phones market dropped severely. But still, a certain class of people likes to use the old school feature phones.

In this situation, AGM M1 is one of the rare feature phones. It is because of the rugged design with IP68 certification. It has a decent design with all the needed basic features.

AGM M1 Box

AGM M1 Review: Design and Build

AGM M1 is made of sturdy plastic material. The side and back panels used rubber material, and all of the parts are fixed with screws for better protection. The KEVLAR inserts are used as additional protection. It has the physical keypad. The keys are placed with enough space between each other and clearly elevated from the surface. It helps us to use the keys in a fast pace.

The back panel is locked with the screws. If we remove the screen, we can remove the back panel, and we can see the removable battery, dual SIM slots, and a TF card slot. On the rear side, the 2MP camera is located along with the LED flashlight. The 3.5mm audio jack and USB port are available with the rubber closing lids to safeguard the ports from dust and water.

AGM M1 Specifications


It sports a 2.0-inch QCIF display. The screen resolution of this tiny display is 176 x 220 pixels. This is the HD level resolution for this display.


AGM M1 has 128MB RAM with 64MB internal storage. The expandable storage options allow up to an 8GB TF card. The TF card may be needed for everyone as the internal storage too low to store media contents. The TF card is not included with the package. So, those who needs storage has to buy it separately.


AGM M1 has only the rear camera. The front camera is not available. The rear camera has a 2MP sensor with the LED flashlight support. The pictures in this small screen are good for 2MP.

AGM M1 Battery Performance


AGM M1 is powered by a 2570mAh battery. This is a great level of battery for a feature phone. It gives more than a week of standby time. On normal usage, it works for 3-4 days without charging.


AGM M1 supports 3G SIM, and it also has Bluetooth. The price of this feature smartphone is just $40. If you manage to find it on any flash sale, you can even get lower than $40. AGM M1 is a good choice for people looking for a tough smartphone with the main tasks of incoming and outgoing calls. Those who are looking for ordinary feature phones can also go for this rugged smartphone. Because there is no much difference between a regular feature smartphone and this rugged AGM M1 phone. The IP68 features are a just extra benefit which gives more safety to the device.

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AGM M1 Rugged Feature Phone Review
7.8 Overall
Build Quality9.5

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