Use Google Fonts on Windows and Mac For Faster Web Browsing

Use Google Fonts on Windows and Mac For Faster Web Browsing: Collection of Google ‘s Open Source Web Fonts is available for the Windows and Mac.Google launched Web Fonts in 2011.

Yesterday Google released the complete collection of fonts for offline access. SkyFonts automatically updates the fonts installed on your system whenever they are updated on Google Fonts. It is useful to load sites faster because already installed fonts fetch the fonts on the web pages since your browser won’t have to spend time fetching font data.

Sync Google Fonts to your Desktop with SkyFonts

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Not too long ago, Google released their own font pack, Google Fonts which has in its library over 1500 free open source fonts. Using Google fonts on web pages significantly reduces page load time, and is always updated with new characters added from time to time. This has led many to switch to using Google fonts.

How to download Google Fonts on your computer

That you’re not a web developer isn’t a good enough reason not to download and install the Google Font pack to your computer.

Download SkyFonts as recommended by Google

Google urges everyone that would want to download the Google Font pack to their computers to do so by downloading SkyFonts which will automatically update the Google Fonts.

  1. To install SkyFonts, simply visit Fonts Website and download it.
  2. Then, click on the “Browse Google Fonts” link on the same page. This will bring up the entire font library (1791 fonts)
  3. Click the “SkyFonts” button > then Select “Add”. You can choose to add the entire fonts in that font family by simply checking the “Add entire family” box.
  4. After you’re done selecting the fonts you want. Simply click the “Download your collection” link at the top of the page and download the fonts in TTF format in a ZIP file.
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There is no “Select All” option so you have to manually select the fonts you want. However, you can batch install the top 10, 20 and 50 fonts on the site.

It is pertinent to note that due to the fact that most people do not have Google Fonts installed on their computer, they might experience difficulties using it, especially when you send them a file in which Google Fonts was used.

However, because of the open source nature of Google Fonts, you can attach a copy of the Google Fonts you used to fonts in a file before sending the file to someone.

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