Bring Tile Styled And Customizable Start Menu In Windows 8 Using Start Menu Reviver

Many of Windows 8 users missing very useful utility, i.e., start menu. For some people, it is very hard to operate and to get used in old way without having a button. Start menu is a very useful feature in Window to access Folders, Applications, Shortcuts, Files and much more. We already posted about Classic Shell start menu for Windows 8.

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Start Menu Reviver UI

Its looks and feel are entirely different from other alternatives. Start Menu Reviver style is unique and offers tile interface in within Start menu. When you open the start menu for the first time, you may be confused by the icons that are displayed here. But they are arranged in perfect order to easy accessing. You can add your favorite shortcuts in tiles by clicking on empty tile icon. Options for Settings, Network, Recent files, Search, Tasks, Run and Apps shortcuts on placed on the left side of the start menu.

Start Menu Reviver is the only Start menu that truly combines the familiar navigation structure of previous Start menus with the unique tile design of Microsoft’s new modern Windows direction. Launch both traditional desktop programs and new Windows 8 modern applications directly from the the Start Menu. No other product allows you to do this.

Start Menu Reviver app review thetechhacker

Many of new Windows 8 users complain about Shut down, lock, sleep, hibernate and restart menu. These are readily available in Start Menu Reviver. The software is completely free and available from the official website. Installation is as usual like other software’s. The program is designed for both touch devices and traditional desktops and laptops for too. If you want completely change the look and feel of Start menu, open the Dashboard and customize it. Start Menu Reviver is designed to work on Windows 8 only.

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