Top Ten List Of Cloud Storage Services

Cloud Storage became lifesaver of data in these days.People are preferring cloud services to save their data rather than traditional hard drives.Because cloud services providing highly secured infrastructure and some free data upon sign up.Here is the best list of top ten cloud services to sign up.

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1. Google Drive

Up to 5GB free storage.

Google Drive

2. Dropbox

2GB free storage (Up to 18GB through referrals)


3. SkyDrive

Up to 7GB free storage.


4. Amazon Cloud Drive

Up to 5GB free storage


5. iCloud

Up to 5GB free storage.


6. Copy

Up to 15GB free storage.

Copy thetechhacker

7. Box

Up to 5GB free storage

Box Storage

8. SugarSync

Up to 5GB free storage


9. Cubby

5GB free storage (Up to 25GB through referrals)

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10. OwnCloud

An open source cloud computing project. Different setup is needed to use.



Cloud storage services are becoming the go-to choice for companies who want to take control of their business data storage needs while keeping their IT costs at the barest minimum and focusing more on other areas of their business that needs attention. Individuals too, aren’t left out. The benefits of using cloud storage services are endless, and they keep increasing with each passing day.

In a previous post about one of the best cloud storage options for Android phones, I introduced the GCloud Backup app.

Now, for this post, we’ll be taking a look at 10 of the best cloud storage services.

  1. Google Drive: Google has risen through the ranks over the past decade to occupy the number one spot in virtually everything they’ve set their hands at. One of such is their cloud service which many have referred to as the best of the lot. Google offers 15GB free cloud storage with its Google account across all of its services. This is more than enough for an average cloud storage user.
  2. iDrive: With a starting price of $4.95 for 150GB per month, iDrive offers an incredible cloud storage service like no other. And that’s not all, the company ships a physical hard drive into which you can copy your data and ship back to them, thus saving you data bandwidth costs for the initial backup of your data on their cloud servers. Its 256-bit AES encryption ensures your data is safe, and a private key that is known only to you further seals the deal.
  3. Dropbox: Talk is cheap. Just head over to the Dropbox website to see the plans for yourself. Dropbox offers a whopping 1TB of cloud storage space for just $8.25 per month for individuals. That’s quite large, you know, and as such, it deserves a spot on our list of cloud storage services that give you a value for your money. There’s a free 2GB storage for you, so if you can’t afford to pay for top of the range monthly account, then you can just make do with that.
  4. SugarSync: SugarSync apparently tastes like sugar – that’s why many subscribe to their cloud storage service. They offer 100GB for $9.99 per month (way too expensive) but on the other hand, they offer unlimited storage for $75 per year, and you can access their service and backup your data from as many devices as you own – android, iOS, Mac and Windows.
  5. Amazon Cloud Drive: Experience the power associated with amazon servers, and I bet you, you’ll never have to worry about storage again. Amazon cloud service offers 5GB worth of cloud storage space for free, and a variety of pocket-friendly plans to suit your needs.
  6. SkyDrive: Microsoft’s SkyDrive users will always attest to the powerful nature of this cloud storage service. SkyDrive gives you 5GB for free and their base plans start at 50GB for $2 per month with options for 1TB and 5TB going up all the way to $10 per month.
  7. ADrive: ADrive is arguably one of the few companies who know how to give free storage accounts to their users – only a few companies can give you up to 50GB worth of cloud storage space for free. You’ll, however, miss out on some goodies if you’re on the free plan.
  8. Tencent Weiyun: If you love doing business with the Chinese, then you need to sign up with this company that offers 10TB free storage to new users. Yes, you heard me, 10TB is up for grabs!
  9. Mega: For a fairly new company competing with the big wigs in the field, Mega has carved out a name for itself in the niche. Take advantage of their good ratings and help yourself to 50GB free storage space. Its ends to end encryption service is one feature many cloud service providers are still trying to incorporate into the business.
  10. Box: Last but not least on our list of the best cloud storage services is Box which is to enterprises and large corporations what Google Drive and Dropbox is to individuals. It provides up to 10 GB free storage space that is suitable for your staff to store some necessary files. There’s no need to be afraid of a data breach because the company uses the best encryption technology available to safeguard your data.

If you’re not ready to spend on online cloud storage services, you can check out free offers from Google Drive, Mega, and Tencent Weiyun… Want value for your money, check out iDrive and Dropbox.

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