Advantages And Disadvantages Of Google Chromebooks

In a world of Google “Chromebook” is a small developing place. Google is taking the development of Chrome OS and Chromebooks too seriously. Recently HP and Acer launched two brand new Chromebooks in the market.


If you are looking to buy Chromebook instead of traditional Windows laptops or Macbooks just look at these main pro’s and con’s of Chromebooks.

Advantages of Chromebooks:


Price of a Chromebook is very budget friendly when compared to Windows laptops or Macbooks. They are very inexpensive and costs nearly about $250, this is a pretty good reason to prefer a Chromebook.

Booting Times:

Chrome OS boots at flashing speeds, it just takes only 10 seconds for booting up. This a pretty good point when compared to Windows laptops.

Virus Free:

Chrome OS is based on Linux, which means possibility of getting infection is fairly low. Linux offers a virus free environment when compared to Windows which is very high. Google packed Chrome OS with a initial booting code in read only memory. And all the installed apps run on a sandboxed mode, which means app cannot be configured and alter the OS.

Auto Update:

Chrome OS can update by itself, means when you boot up it starts with automatic updated version.


Chrome OS built with multiple log in feature, which lets login with different user accounts. Not only multi-user support it also lets you to open all your shortcuts, settings, wallpaper and desktops where you left on other Chromebook using your Google account.

Samsung Chromebooks

Disadvantages of Chromebooks:

Optical Disk:

In Chromebooks optical drives are absent and even they don’t support external optical disks. If you are still using CD/DVD’s Chromebook is not for you.


Chromebooks are not ideal for gaming. It supports games in your browser only in HTML and Flash formats. Chromebook is not meant for serious gamers.

However the Chrome Web Store has some popular games like Angry Birds and Doodle Jump, means it can handle games available in Chrome Web Store. It can’t run PC games so don’t expect high end gaming experience in Chromebooks.

Printer Support:

Chrome OS doesn’t have a direct printing option in its OS. For printing you need to use “Cloud Print”, which means you’ll have to connect printer to a internet enabled Cloud Printer setting installed computer or you can buy a “Cloud Printer” ready printer.

Storage Space:

The storage space of a Chromebook is very less. It normally comes up with 16GB SSD, in that OS consume 6GB remaining 10GB is usable to store your files, documents, pictures and videos. However Google is giving 100GB of cloud storage free for purchase of Chromebook for the first two years.

Work Offline:

Chrome OS supports work offline, but the most of your content is stored online which requires a internet connection to access.

Google Chromebook has its pro’s and con’s like other devices. Best is to check before buying a Chromebook whether it is suitable for you or not based on the above mentioned points.

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