Compare Any Two Folders Easily With Compare Advance For Windows

Cleaning is a good habit, when it comes to computer it is very tough. Some times we knowingly or unknowingly save the files on two different folders on same computer,this will lead to unnecessary consumption of hard disk space. Keeping multiple copies is good, but for very low spaced hard drives it becomes mess.

Selecting Folders


Compare Advance is a free tool available for Windows which easily compares two folders. Compare Advance sports a explorer style interface with customizable menus. The user interface is very easy to understand, to start compare folders just click folder icon in between Folder 1 and Folder 2 and select the two folders on your hard drive.

Select Folders


For testing purpose we created two different folder on our Desktop with same and different files. After selecting two folders we also checked the boxes including sub-folders and root folders. Next click on compare icon to start comparing, the results displayed instantly. The results will be displayed on different categories like Folder 1 only, Folder 2 only, Same and Different. For easier identification the files displayed on different color tags.






Genaral Options


You can view the results List view, Tree view and Explorer view. Right clicking on any entry lets you to open, copy, delete, Compare files, set source, hide show all and properties. You can customize the basic options of the software in Tool–>Options in main menu bar. The best part of the feature is, it lets you to save the comparisons as a project file and you can Archive the folder pairs.

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Overall Compare Advance is a very good utility tool for Windows users to compare folders easily.

Download Compare Advance.


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