How To Stimulate iOS and Run Apps on PC

iOS is an independent robust operating system developed by Apple. For Android operating system we have various players to test, run play the games on a PC or a Laptop. But iOS we have only once choice to run iOS apps or games on PC. Meet iPadian, a good iOS simulator for Windows. The iPadian works on Adobe AIR and allows you to run all types of iOS apps on your PC.

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How To Run iOS apps and games on PC

To get started, you need to download the iPadian file. It downloads as a zip file and extract on your desktop. During the installation, you may ned to install.Net Framework which is mandatory. If your PC already own the.Net no need to install again. During the installation, you may also need to update Adobe AIR. After updating all necessary software’s and installation, the iPadian will start working.

You will experience a big iPad screen on your PC or Laptop. The iPadian shows a large iOS environment on the PC screen. The user interface is exactly built like iOS, by default it comes with some pre-installed apps like Social networking, videos, music, web browser and email client. You can enjoy all type os iOS apps and games on PC. Even you can play some popular iOS games on Windows with the help of iPadian. The program is simple and it does justice what it meant for. The main downside of the iPadian is the lack of original Apple App Store. You can access and install iOS apps only from iPadian’s own app store.

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  • Big iPad experience
  • iOS Environment
  • iOS Apps and Gaming PC


  • Lack of original Apple App Store
  • Usability is limited

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