How to Secure Android Lollipop Guest Mode

Do you know how secure is the Android Guest mode in your Lollipop? Are you completely protected by just tapping a button to enable guest mode? I don’t think so. In this article, we are going to secure your Android Lollipop Guest mode to ensure maximum privacy while sharing your smartphone with someone else.

For you knowledge, Just enabling the guest mode won’t secure your smartphones. Anyone who has a basic knowledge about the Android OS can easily turn it off and roll back to the normal user mode. So, you should manually assign a credential for changing the guest mode settings in your device. Let’s look how to do it.

Be Sure you’ve Enabled the Screen or Password Lock

The guest mode uses the device lock credentials once your turn on the password protection for switching between user modes. So, you must ensure the protection by enabling the pattern lock or any other types of protection you prefer. You can refer to our article on How to enable pattern or password lock in smartphones for further reference. You can also look into the Best apps for guest mode protection.

Lock it Down

Once you confirmed the credentials for your smartphone is already set, you can now enable the password protection for the guest mode. To do this, follow the simple steps given below.

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ screen of your smartphone.
  2. Choose ‘Privacy’ option.
  3. Tap on ‘Permissions.’
  4. Now, just enable the password protection using the given option alongside the Guest Mode.

Be aware that all the guest users will get access to the google play store and they will be able to install new applications or can add their account to the google play. But, they will be only able to manage the apps which they’ve installed on the smartphone.

Android Lollipop guest mode is a very welcoming feature that gives specific permissions to the users. To know more about it, there is no better way than trying it out yourself by enabling the guest mode in your smartphone. Try to access different areas in your smartphone and understand what the guest user will be able to access and from what they will be restricted. So that, no more explanations needed on the accessibility of the guest mode.

You can also depend on the guest mode apps available on the play store for controlling the configurations better. They will also provide you an easier way of switching between the user modes.


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