Best Pokemon GO Alternatives That You Should Try

Pokemon GO – the game that literally has made people go mad about it. If you don’t know what “Pokemon” means, you are probably not the one born between the 1990 – 2000.  If that is the case, I must mention that you missed the best of the cartoon concepts of the millennium.

Now, that Pokemon GO servers have crashed because millions of active users are joining the game faster than the speed of light. It’s yet to launch in some countries like India. Until then, you can enjoy other Pokemon Go alternatives that we’ve found out for you. Let’s have a look at them:

Zombies, Run!

Zombies Run

  • Zombies, Run! It’s yet another addictive game which you probably didn’t know about. It requires you to start jogging in real life – just plug in the earphone – and you’re good to go. You’ll hear what your mission is and the sound effects would state you that you’ve been chased by the zombies and you’ll have to run faster! Yes, you would get scores and points as well to improve your base and defend the Zombies. It’s a motivational game to let you run faster and it’s fun as well!



  • Geocaching Been busy finding Pokemon? Now, I would bet you’ll get addicted finding real treasures instead of virtual ones. After you sign up for a Geocaching account, you will be able to choose a specific location to pick a geocache. It’s literally real. You’ll find a real box which would contain something good or weird. And, after you find it, sharing your experience with other users would motivate runners around the world to that location.

Table Zombies

Table Zombies

  • Table ZombiesAs the name suggests, it doesn’t revolve anything around running out of your house. It’s an AR game which you can experience without going out anywhere. All you have to do is to download the marker and print it on an A3 size paper. That makes it for the map and to start off with the missions. You get to play the role of a shooter to the rescue. You have to protect the survivors on the ground who are under attack by an army of zombies. Good luck!

SpecTrek Light

SpecTrek Light

  • SpecTrek LightIt’s almost similar to Pokemon GO. Here, replacing Pokemon with Ghosts. In addition, there are some challenges, but not “typical” battles. When you see some ghosts pop up on your map, you gotta catch ’em all. Looks like Pokemon GO would definitely get a tough competition from similar alternatives in the near future.



  • BallStrikeYet another impressive Pokemon GO alternative. However, here you won’t have to find a ball. In addition, you will have to punch it and strike it. It requires a user to twist, turn, kick and jump in order to make the ball explode. Well, that would definitely challenge your fitness and power. Furthermore, if you’re going to play it in public places, ready to act as an “idiot” or a “maniac”!

Finally, that’s all for the Pokemon GO alternatives. Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed playing any of them. Furthermore, feel free to tell us about better Pokemon GO alternatives as well.



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