iMazing App Review: A Best Alternative to iTunes

Hello iOS Device users, are you fed up of using your iOS Devices in an unmanaged way?  Do you want an alternative to iTunes for your iOS Devices? Or do you want to get solutions to your different iOS Devices throughout without investing a large amount of money?

If this is what you are searching, then you are at the right place today. Here, you will read and know about the various iMazing features, costs, compatibility, version and requirements for the app.

‘iMazing’ App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Latest Version Update

All the iPhone, iPad & iPod touch devices require an end-to-end solution that can manage mobile data management, file backups, can transfer audios and also facilitates browsing and even much more. These all non-ordinary features are provided by iMazing app developed for iOS systems. With this app, there is no need of jailbreak your iOS device.

iMazing Home

iMazing latest updated version is a feature-rich, user-friendly and highly resourceful application that you or any other user might want in their iPhone or any other iOS device. The latest iMazing app offers more than iTunes on your iOS device.

Taking Backup of iOS Apps

Download iMazing app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad Devices

The iOS iMazing app is one of the most widely used & preferred iOS device manager applications that supports its users with many functionalities, usually more than enough provided by iOS iTunes app.

Want to know what more?

The latest version of iOS iMazing app i.e. iMazing version 1.5.6 works efficiently with iPhones, iPads, and with all other iOS devices. The only condition is that you should have Operating System iOS 4.0 or above.

iMazing makes iOS Users capable of:

  1. Transferring music files to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, Mac and PC easily and vice-versa, also without the need of any sync or an account with iTunes. It does not have any restriction or limitation.Transferring files from iPhone to PCTransferring Files from iPhone to PC
  2. Taking a back-up of all your iOS apps along with your app data, and restore them securely when required.
    Taking Backup of iOS Apps
  3. Browsing, saving contact details and backing up and restoring all the iOS SMSs, MMSs, notes, call logs, and voicemails. This feature is not supported by iTunes.
    Message Section of iMazing appMessage Section of iMazing App
  4. Connecting your iOS device through Wi-Fi or USB cable.

And you know what the best part of ‘iMazing’ app?

You can do all the above tasks without jailbreaking your iOS device or connect with iOS iTunes or even the cloud.

What are the New Features Added in latest iMazing v1.5.6?

  1. The new updated iMazing 1.5.6 version supports the recently launched new device iPhone SE & iPad Pro along with its compatibility with all the earlier versions of various iOS devices and Windows PC and Mac OS.
  2. The new app offers both error troubleshooting and sending a detailed report to its users.
  3. iMazing v1.5.6 supports iTunes 12.3.3.
  4. iMazing v1.5.6 works efficiently with Windows 64-bits.
  5. iMazing v1.5.6 is compatible with iOS 9.3.
  6. The Arabic language is added so; iMazing now supports 11 different languages.
  7. An “Erase All Content” named new function has been included on the menu.
  8. A new check box entitled as “Only show transferable media” has been upgraded in the Music section of the app.
  9. iMazing v1.5.6 has added smart views for “Apple Music” as well as “Purchases” in it.
  10. The iMazing latest version app has made extracting data from an encrypted backup files simpler and faster.
  11. iMazing has added a new section “Apps” which will show recently backed-up apps.
  12. iMazing latest version 1.5.6 has made it easier to remove the applications from backup files.
  13. iMazing latest version has improved and fixed some issues for Windows User Interface.
  14. Pairing management option is made available to make iMazing app forget the iOS device or to clean device app’s cache.

In spite of the above, several other features & options are also added!

What are the Requirements for downloading or installing iMazing v1.5.6?

  1. OS X 10.7 or above
  2. iOS 4.0 or above
  3. For Windows, Intel-64 bits Processor
  4. iTunes 11.1.2 or above

What are the Plans available for iMazing along with its Price?

You can buy iMazing 1.5.6 depending on the number of users. Here are the plans available:

  1. Single User License: This iMazing plan is applicable for one user only.

    • This plan supports every feature of iMazing and works with both Windows & Mac.
    • The user gets 7-days technical support for it!
      Price: $34.99 only!
  2. Family License: As the name suggests, the plan is suitable for up to five people.

    • Family Plan works too for both Mac and Windows.
    • Users can connect multiple numbers of iOS devices with the app. No restrictions are there.
    • In this too, users will get 7-day technical support.
      Price: $59.99 only!
  3. Enterprise License: This plan is upgraded part of Family Plan. It is best suited for up to 20 users.

    • The plan works smoothly with Windows and Mac devices.
    • Some iOS devices can be connected without any restrictions.
    • Users will get complete support for a week.
      Price: $249.99 only!

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