How to Convert PDF to Word

Can’t find a cheap freelancer to convert your PDF files into an editable Microsoft Word document, or you’re just too tired to retype the whole PDF? There’s actually no need for an extra hand (except of course if you have bulk work), given that you can conveniently convert PDF to Word documents in a matter of minutes.

How? Let’s find out.

Converting PDF to Word Using Microsoft Word

This is the easiest way to turn a PDF document into an editable word document.

  1. Simply open a new document.
  2. Navigate to File menu > Open > select the PDF file you’d like to convert > Open.
  3. Microsoft Word will automatically convert the PDF into a word document which may not preserve all the formatting as it were in the PDF file.
  4. When you’re done editing the word document, to convert back to PDF, navigate to File menu > Export > Create PDF/XPS > and Publish.

Converting Using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro Software

The Adobe Acrobat DC software gives you 30 days to try out the software’s conversion features which you could also use to convert files from PNG to PDF and even JPG to PDF. To convert your PDF document to word using the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro,

  1. Open the PDF file using the software.
  2. Navigate to Export tool in the right pane > Select Microsoft Word as export format > and Export.
  3. Save the Word file.

It’s pertinent to note that if the PDF contains scanned text, the Adobe Acrobat DC software will auto recognize it. Converting through this method preserves the PDF’s formats better than when you convert using Microsoft Word.

Converting online using free online resources

Why pay someone to convert your PDF files to Microsoft Word documents when you could do that in a jiffy for free? Here are some of the best ways to convert PDFs to Word documents online.

  • SmallPDF: Visit SmallPDF. Click Choose file > Select the PDF you’d like to convert > Open > and Download file after the process. Using this site, you have the option to save it to your Google Drive or any other cloud storage. Don’t be afraid of the privacy of your PDF documents as they are deleted after an hour in accordance with their privacy policy.
  • PDF2DOC: Visit this site which helps you convert your files in just three clicks. Click Upload Files > Open > and Download after the process. If you uploaded more than one PDF file and you’d like to download all of them at once in a zip folder, select Download All.
  • FreePDFConvert: Check out FreePDFConvert. In this site, click on select File > select the PDF file you’d like to convert to word > Open > Convert > and Download. The site isn’t actually free since you can only convert one file every 20 minutes except you signup and pay for membership.

Convert on iOS

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, download this app from the app store. Its costs just $10 for a lifetime usage, but it’s worth every penny it costs. Install the app > choose PDF file to convert > Convert. That’s all what you have to do to convert PDF to Word.

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