Top 3 Productive Addons For Firefox For Android

Firefox is an excellent browser available for multiple platforms. Android is one of the platforms which has Firefox support. With more than 100 Million downloads Firefox for Android is an unbeatable browser. Firefox add-ons are very popular for improved productivity in a desktop version. In Android version too you can enjoy add-ons support. In this article, I have selected Top 3 addons for Firefox for Android.

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Top 3 Addons For Firefox For Android

uBlock Origin

As all know, many people are facing slow performance while running multiple apps once in Android. If you want to improve OS and as well as Firefox performance, uBlock Origin is a must have add-on for Firefox for Android. This add-on will reduce the load on memory and CPU for stable performance. You can enable or disable this add-on with a single button for the current website.


LastPass is a life saver for every Internet user. Personally, I recommend LastPass for everyone; it is an excellent password manager to save passwords online. LastPass comes pretty handily to generate a new password when you signup for any service online. Due to the serious security concerns a secure password is advisable for everyone. LastPass will save, generate and sync on any device.

Cloud Viewer

Cloud Viewer is a great add-on available for Firefox. This add-on lets you open any kind of file from Firefox. It supports file formats like PDF, DOC, XLS, and PPT. It is a pretty useful app for business people who regularly deal with documents.


However, there are much more add-ons available in Firefox store for Android. Many available for securing your browsing sessions and hiding online identity.

If you are looking for best browsers for Android, read our previous article. Also, we shortlisted some of the fastest browsers for Android for smoother performance. Hope you enjoyed the article, if you have a great list of addons For Firefox For Android, please comment below.

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