Wix Review- A Website Heaven

Web sites are everywhere. From playing online games to booking air tickets, everything is depended on millions of websites residing in thousands of web servers. For a business to establish in this era, a live website is one of the essential factors. For a person to tell something to the world in the most efficient and easy manner, a website is a solution. In short, life will be a lot difficult without websites. That’s why the number of people creating online presence increased drastically over the years.

But to be honest, creating a website is not that easy. You have to pay thousands of dollars to web developers and designers to craft a perfect website for your business or blog. But no more. The arrival of web builders made a revolution in the web designing industry. They made it a few clicks away to build an online presence for any needs.

Wix is such a popular website builder which allows users to select a predesigned template and customize it as per their needs. It is very difficult to not find a suitable design from thousands of showcased items on Wix website. After using it for several years, now I have decided to present a review to our readers to let you know more about it. Let’s have a look at the Wix Review.

What is Wix?

As already mentioned, Wix is a website builder which allows creating stunning websites within a matter of minutes. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, the step by step instructions will guide you throughout the development. You could either create your website for completely Free as a subdomain of the Wix.com or could use it on your own domain. In either way, super flexible features will help you in setting up each corner of your website.

Using Wix, you will be able to build almost all kind of websites such as Personal Blogs, Online Stores, Business Websites, Portfolios, etc. There is no exception when comparing the possibilities with a professional-made website. Instead, it will be a lot easier to build, manage, and maintain your website with Wix

What makes it Special?

There are hundreds of website builders out there. What makes Wix so special and making it stand out of the crowd? Let’s find out.

Easy Drag and Drop Website Building

The face of the web designing has changed by the website builders. Instead of filling conflicting codes all over, the Wix utilizes an easy to use drag and drop system. You just have to drag and drop the necessary materials to your website and edit them as per your requirements. Tons of conflicting functions are running in the background, but you will never encounter anyone of them during the website building. Just pick a template, edit it as you need, add your content, publish your website for Free. That’s it.

Wix Website Builder

Thousands of Templates

Every person has different visions for the functions and design of their website. That’s why Wix team has included thousands of pre-built templates on their website template section. Just browse the page, and you will find a suitable design for your business website. The template categories include Business, Online Store, Blog, Landing page, Events, Portfolios, etc. makes it completely flexible for any kind of usage.

Artificial Design Intelligence

The web builder function made even smarter with the Artificial Design Intelligence system on Wix. While the manual website creation takes few minutes, the ADI will complete the task within seconds! It combines the user inputs and interests to randomize the available content on the website resulting in millions of unique website designs. Go, check it yourself to experience the ease in website building.


Optimized for Search Engines

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very important to get organic traffic from the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Wix core is itself optimized for the search engines, and you can do more yourself. Each Wix publications could be optimized for the search engines by providing the perfect title tag, description, etc. We tested it ourself, Yes, nothing is conflicting from the SEO point of view.

Mobile Friendly

Your website should look beautiful both in desktop and mobile versions. No one likes to see those extending boxes out of the screen and elongating text outside of the viewport. Knowing this, Wix developers are constantly working on improving the mobile friendliness of each and every template on the Wix.

Wix Mobile App

Wix is not limited to the desktop. You could control your website, get real-time notifications, manage orders, etc. using the Wix mobile application. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms making it suitable for any users. Users will also be able to keep in touch with the visitors using the Wix Chat feature. The messages will be directly delivered to the application.

Wix Chat

One of the unique features we found is the Wix Chat. It allows adding a live chat option to the websites to keep in touch with the customers. This feature is a blessing for the online stores and business owners to engage visitors on their website. Instead of wasting time on mail-based communication, the real-time live chat is a very effective option. Wix also lets users customize the look and feel of the Chat application.

Site Analytics

If you want to keep an eye on your website performance and visitors, the Site analytics feature can help you. It tells you the stats of your website over time. Site analytics is one of the key factors to staying at the top of the competition by analyzing the visitors. So, keep an eye on it.

Free to Use

Enough of the features. What If you got all of them for completely free of cost? Except for few advanced functionalities such as site analytics and few premium templates, everything is totally free on Wix. Even you could publish your website without purchasing a domain and hosting. But don’t worry, for the serious businesses, there are always premium options.


After using Wix for several websites, all we have to say is, it is one of the best website builders out there. If you want to craft a perfect website for the online presence of your business, or wanted to start and online store with ease, Wix is a must try. With over 90 million users, Wix has been serving the internet for years. So, go and give a try to it for building your dream website.

Wix Review- A Website Heaven
8.3 Overall
Ease of Use8.5
Loading Speed8.5

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