Analyze Your Startup Items With Cloud Based Security Autorun Angel

Every PC will slow down after heavy usage, the reason for slowing down of a PC are so many. But one of them is System Startup programs. Whenever you install a new program on Windows some make entry into the Startup items list. Startup item is the list of programs automatically start with Windows logon. Some may useful some may not. Task Manager is not a perfect way to find out the startup running processes. Task manager is useful for killing unresponsive applications or disable them from running. By default, the Windows allows programs to add them to Startup folder. If you use a number of Programs in your PC, then there is a chance of slowing down easily.

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Autorun Angel thetechhacker

Autorun Angel is a tool which will quickly scan your Windows startup programs for potentially unwanted files. It allows you to control software, drivers and various components launched automatically. It automatically connects to Angel Cloud Engine in real time. Download Autorun Angel and install it. The program is dead simple to us, just install the program like other software’s you usually do.

Usage of the programs is pretty simple, even a beginner can do the startup cleaning process. Start the scan process to check the unwanted items. When scanning is running, the application starts comparing each item against its online antivirus database using the cloud engine. After the scan is complete, you can choose to send the highlighted items to the service for additional analysis. It is the best way to uncheck the unwanted startup items list automatically.

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