A Simple Way To Install WordPress On Windows

WordPress is a great platform for bloggers, it is a simple and most easiest CMS in the World. Some people want to try WordPress before really step into online, it is a good choice for learning and testing. And you no need pay any penny to Web hosting services. It run on your computer and visible to only you.


How to install WordPress on Windows:

WordPress installation on Windows is a fairly simple process. It takes only couple of steps to install WordPress software. Normally it can be installed using different services like PHP and MySQL and then you have to manually add files to start.

Microsoft Web Platform Installer is a free service offered by Microsoft. It is a simple installer available in Microsoft site. Just open the installer and it downloads all necessary files to run website on your Windows PC.

Microsoft Web Platform

To install WordPress, run the Web Platform Installer, click the “Web Applications” tab on the left side, and then select the “CMS” tab. And search the entries listed by default in alphabetical order, scroll down to the bottom to find WordPress.

Microsoft Web Matrix

Now click on the WordPress and install it, next it downloads necessary files such as PHP and MySQL. Now you will be asked to enter passwords for the database administrator and the WordPress database. Click “Continue,” and the Web Platform will finish the instillation.

It’s that Simple, now you can run your local website on your computer without putting much effort.

Download Microsoft Web Platform Installer.



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